Prince George Looks So Grown-Up in This Handsome New Birthday Portrait

Prince George looks so grown up — and the spitting image of his dad! — in a photo the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released on social media. The snapshot, which features George beaming at the camera, was shared in celebration of the young royal’s 9th birthday.

Instagram was (justifiably) freaking out over how grown-up George has gotten. “Oh my where did the time go,” one person wrote. Another exclaimed: “He looks just like William to me!”

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According to PEOPLE, the sweet portrait was captured by Kate Middleton herself. The Duchess has quite the eye for photography and has taken to snapping a number of pictures of her children, which have been shared on the palace’s social media accounts. There’s a hidden bonus to her shutterbug skills.

“The Duchess of Cambridge is a very good photographer,” Kensington Palace curator Claudia Acott Williams told Us Weekly in March. “She has started releasing her own photographs of her children as a way of sharing their progress with the public. … By releasing her own photographs, she’s kind of maintaining an element of control and privacy for them.” Williams added that having Kate behind the lens “creates a new perspective.” “It really allows the public in in a very intimate way, while still allowing them to maintain the privacy of family life,” she said.

The Duchess shared a portrait of Charlotte when she turned 7 last May, which featured her smiling daughter and lots of lovely lavender flowers. She also snapped one of Louis on his recent birthday and it was all kinds of adorable. Does time fly or what?!

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These relatable moments show that Kate Middleton may be a royal mom — but she’s a regular mom too.

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