Steal These Wimbledon Looks for Your Own Summer Tennis Outfits

From the elegantly dressed celebrity and royal fans to the grass courts, everything about the Wimbledon tennis tournament says classy. And when it comes to the competitors’ tennis outfits, let’s just say every look is, well, winning.

Wimbledon 2019 takes place from June 24, when the qualifying rounds start, through July 14, and something about the summer weather and the British grounds make the gear at the Grand Slam tournament — whether it’s made by Nike, Asics, Wilson, New Balance or a player’s own collaboration — look even cuter. And while the athletes are required to wear “almost entirely white,” according to the official Wimbledon dress code rules, they show that there are plenty of ways to flash a little personality.

The tournament’s website states, “There should be no solid mass or panel of colouring [on clothes]. A single trim of colour around the neckline and around the cuff of the sleeves is acceptable but must be no wider than one centimetre (10mm).” But Us detects plenty of subtle differences amongst the styles.

Serena Williams, of course, always brings her A-plus fashion game to her matches. But for this tourney, the champion — who recently scored her first Wheaties box — put her twist on the fashion code by wearing a monokini-type top that showed her impressive lateral abs and back in her first outing on Tuesday, July 2. The Nike symbol emblazoned on her top was also special. Called a “broosh” by the company, it’s a gold symbol with 34 Swarovski crystals to indicate the age at which she won her last London Slam title in 2016. Williams’ outfit is also made of a waffle fabric that nearly imitates a pattern.

Other hopefuls experimented with visors, sunglasses, arm bands, long-sleeve shirts, t-shirts, tanks, racerback tops, laser-cut fabrics and no-budge hair accessories to help their performances. All of athletic wear features offer you a chance to step-up your classic tennis whites — and your game.

Scroll through to see some of our favorite all-white, with a twist, outfits from Wimbledon 2019.

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