The Most Gorgeous DIY Easter Baskets No One Will Believe You Made

Easter baskets have become a thing. I’m not talking about the sweet, small baskets filled with a fews spring themed treats of the good old days. I’m talking about ridiculous, over the top, I’m-using-a-toddler-swimming-pool-as-an-easter-basket kind of atrocious. I get it, you want to give your kids the best, the most, but maybe let’s reel it in a little, shall we? Sometimes simpler is better, and with DIY easter baskets, they’re more likely to appreciate the time and effort that went into the basket, instead of just paying attention to what goodies are inside.

Store bought baskets are quick, and easy, but all too often they’re cheaply made and get chucked before easter is over. These DIY options not only look amazing, but are well made, so you can reuse them year after year. Make these the trophies for your epic easter egg hunt, or hand them to your kiddos after a cute easter breakfast. Either way, they’re sure to be loved and appreciated for years to come.

1. Bead and pin basket

This bead and pin basket looks meticulous and time consuming, but is actually really easy and only requires three materials: safety pins, cheap craft store beads, and wire. That’s it. Bead and pin baskets were popular in the 50’s and 60’s, and we love the vintage look and feel this basket brings to easter. Use pastel beads of different shapes and sizes (the more variety the better!) for a classic easter look, or customize with your kiddos favorite colors and shapes. Head on over to DesignSponge for the full tutorial.

2. Jute and leather basket


If you’re looking for something a little less flowery, and a little more rustic (or if your teenage son refuses to touch anything that has a flower on it) this is the basket for you. The genius’ at The Merrythought have once again struck gold with this versatile and minimalist easter basket you can repurpose after easter for year round use. The materials are sparse; just jute, a crochet hook, a strip of leather, and snaps, making this the ideal basket to bust out if you need a last minute impressive basket. Balking at the thought of crocheting? Not to worry. The instructions for this basket on the Merrythought are very straightforward and easy to understand. You might just start crocheting on the regular.

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