72-year-old priest leaves his respiration to a patient device, and dies of Covid-19

By the Coronavirus, the disease brought Covid-19 calls in Italy every day hundreds of casualties, the situation in the country is desperate. The health system is overwhelmed with the number of patients who are severely Ill, completely, Physicians must decide which patients they treat is preferred, because there is not enough ventilators are available to all.


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In this Situation, a Catholic priest is celebrated as a Hero, and even “martyrs”. He gave up his life to save that of another. Giuseppe Berardelli from the small municipality of Casnigo in the province of Bergamo died last week at the age of 72 years, Covid-19. Previously, he had rejected a ventilator, so that a younger Patient could receive the life-saving treatment, according to the local magazine “Araberara” citing reports by the hospital staff.

Coronavirus in Italy: a priest sacrifices his life

A few days later, Berardelli, had suffered in recent years from heart problems, passed away. In view of the strict curfew in Italy, there was no funeral for him. “Arabera” reported, however, that the people would have applauded in the city from their balconies, as his corpse from the hospital was evacuated.

Not only because of the sacrifice that brought Berardelli, and it cost him ultimately his life, was considered the priest to be high. “He was an honest and simple Person, friendly and helpful to everyone, believers and non-believers”, paid tribute to him, Giuseppe Imberti, the mayor of the municipality, in the Berardelli lived.

Devout Catholics, the victims Berardellis compare with the of the Franciscan monk Maximilian Kolbe in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Kolbe died in 1941, when he went to instead of a Mithäftlings in the hunger bunker. Later he was canonized by the Vatican as a Martyr of the Holy. Also beyond the borders of Italy Berardellis death has moved people. In the USA, a prominent Jesuit priest James Martin quoted on Twitter a phrase from the Bible: “greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

Sources: “Araberara” / James Martin on Twitter

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