A dispute with my back muscle: why don’t you go cool!

Nice that we sit down to a table.

Musculus quadratus lumborum: A conversation on the Go, I would rather have.

Before we start with the fight, maybe we make a little round of introductions?

Well. My Name is Quadratus lumborum, I am a muscle and I work at the interface of the lower spine, rib and iliac crest. Because I have a for a muscle-unusual square shape, name is my first name Quadrilateral – and my surname suggests, my origin, that is to say: I’m in the lumbar area.

My Name is Eckart von Hirschhausen, my first name has to do with my Form nothing – although I have corners and edges, but rather rounded. And my last name is originally a place name, since we already have something in common. I’m a doctor and a science journalist working at the interface of medicine, media, and entertainment.

Eckart von Hirschhausen doctor, comedian, TV presenter and book author. And, now, chief reporter of DR. v. hirschhausen’s STAR LIFE HEALTHY. Its strength is to convey medicine entertaining – diaphragm instead of your index finger. For him, health is joy, happiness, wonder and a sense of Humor. Currently, the doctor of the Nation “with his Live stage programme is touring” “at last” by Germany. On stern.de published Eckart von Hirschhausen his best columns, tips, and current projects. Because Laughter is the best medicine.

Of your Know, I get but little here below, you’re acting like you have no idea what the workers need to be here for a framework to make your Job – we don’t do this for fun, that we go on strike so often!

We were already in the You? Like, I am-in type. We know each other already really long. In the first Semester of anatomy, you were right!

Well, as a teenager, you were already to the orthopedist. I was already lit with x-rays, as you are still at school bench press test!

Well, orthopaedic surgeons are surprised that you can’t see on x-ray images of the pain. True, with the back I had to do as a student. And got all sorts of diagnosis of Scheuermann’s disease on the intervertebral disc to difference in leg length. I was given insoles for the shoes, because my cymbals were apparently wrong, and should be compensated. At the time, I played even Hockey, motion is supposed to be good.

It was also quite an angle from the posture. And the warm-up and compensatory gymnastics you held you never.

Why are you so indignant about? Not to say: why don’t you go cool!

How? I have more than an eight-hour day! And when I’m tense, I’ll stay, too, then I’ll be really pissed off by the lactic acid accumulates, and the circulation of the blood, which is not bad, if I switch between pulling and Stretching. One thing first: the thing with The upright gait was not my idea. Much more relaxed, I would have stayed if I didn’t have to constantly hold something to keep from my Position, barely.

… “Hirschhausen’s star Healthy life”. The issue is now on newsstands, or here to buy.

Topics in this issue:

I didn’t ask for, but something you have to differ from the monkey in order to justify the Position in the animal Kingdom. What do you mean, but with your Position?

You are sailed too. Imagine your spine is the Mast, then the Central load-bearing Element is stabilized by the wires to the front and to the side.

And what has that to do with you?

If I had designed the people, I would be better further out instead of so close to the spine on it. I always get the short straw, because I have to teach on a short stretch a little and stabilize, which is much larger than I – the spine. And this terrible leverage, against which I have to fight constantly, tugs at me. Since the spine is in the Vertical, I go in the knee. You could, if you’re doing so little for your back muscles, at least something for your abdominal muscles to do.

What have they to do with it?

The cross braces are to the front of the Mast! And historically I’m actually a part of the abdominal muscles.

How, please? A belly muscle in the back?

Yes, my big brother of the Musculus transversus abdomini, which forms a sort of Ring around the fuselage and to the rear offshoot and I am. I fill in the area between the posterior part of the iliac crest and the twelfth rib, I am wider at the bottom than at the top. I am a versatile, four-sided – that’s why I’m also Quadratus.

Because it hurts’: The Musculus quadratus lumborum is a deep muscle of the abdomen, although he sits in the back. It is an auxiliary muscle for inhalation. For tension you can feel a Pull in the lumbar area.

Could I get a six-pack on the back, if I train correctly?

Nonsense. We are in the depth are much more important, but no one would see us hold. With the six pack Abs the Transversus has nothing to do with it, these are the superficial rectus abdominis muscles that still have these old striations of the time in the water, from the fish. The straight abdominal muscles is developed, as in favour of the mobility of the Ribs on the belly and back is formed, so that the muscles between the ribs into a large muscle. This large, straight muscle of the abdomen still has the between the tendons, and if you want to train with, would be the muscle bundles compared with the connective tissue can be seen more clearly.

This, however, is evolutionarily quite a bit, and for me, it is on the belly only the connective tissue … But crazy how some of the properties hold. So, you misunderstood emigrant abdominal muscle, why are you still so good?

I’ll help you Breathe!


From vulture’s neck, and widow hump – like bend of the Psyche, Sitting hurts

Now you’re making yourself more important than you are, or?

As you can see, your medical learning the muscles, the nerves, the course, but as All functionally related, of which you have no idea. I return to the diaphragm, because I stabilize the lower Ribs during inhalation. Called accessory muscles of respiration – you should understand actually, you laugh expert.

That’s right, I have not made so clear to me that everything that moves must be stabilized in the other directions. And the diaphragm can only pull, so like good work at the ruck, if we do not laugh, because the Rest of the chest falls together in itself. Can I ask you something Personal questions?

Now I’m curious!

Why do you hurt me always? You’re involved in the most pain in the lower back and for some of the worst pain even responsible!

Do you think that makes me fun? I have to respond. Otherwise, you’ll also zero in on your body, so I have to make myself noticeable.

True. Health is the Silence of the organs. If you can use his attention to something else, you are healthy.

To be honest, Many don’t come at all, that I am the cause for the pain, because I’ll have a veritable fireworks show symptoms for you. Time it is pain in the lower back, as well as in the area of the buttocks, the posterior thigh and the groin. And then I still have these sore points, the trigger points, and if I activate, you notice medical professionals to distinguish it from disc herniations and other serious causes for back pain so easily.

If the body’s cry for help, that’s lazy.

The Only one lazy here is you!

What should I do?

You and me move more. Remember: Lumborum wants to Lambada! More swing in the hip, not always so stiff! Not so much not to sit a right, and constantly in front of the Computer. And since you read so much on the Smartphone, you move even less.

Especially if I things reading, a rather down than up. In Switzerland, there is a great word for a good mental attitude: “uufgstellt”. So sincere, straight out and straight in the back.

Well, clearly your Psyche also plays for me a role. If you are the one that sits in the neck, you hold it in the cross.

And what helps you?

Everything that has to do with stretching, it’s good for me: Pilates, Yoga, Swimming. But you’re going Yes, dear, directly after getting Up to the Desk. If you would at least go on the exercise ball!

With the Training on the “road train” to reach the broad back muscle, and the Quadratus lumborum. The sits roughly at the point where Eckart has his hands.

And what would I do there?

Not sit – down. But on the side! And if you feel, like, the upper side of the body stretches, then you hold the Position for a while. And then the other side is off – me, it is, after all, twice.

And if I don’t have a exercise ball? I hate the things, actually, because I can formulate the Rumwippen no clear thoughts and the thing in the corner wants to hit, but how what goes Round in the corner? These balls do not always take far too much space on the Desk, making sure to use them then. And you can not even hang, such as on an Ergometer, at least wash it.

You can me to stretch on a wall, but this leaves you you best by a physiotherapist time show, before you sprained you and me.

The quadrature of the Quadratus is so that you have to make it crooked, to pull you straight again?

I like it when you listen to me. Maybe we do get together somehow after all the years in dispute.

I think our conversation is the beginning of a long friendship.

I remember the morning after getting Up again.

Thank you – rely on you!

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