Aching fingers are a warning signal

More than half of all women over 50 years of suffering after a long (night)rest stiff, aching fingers. These first signs of finger-poly type pants cause untreated swollen, immovable, and deformed joints, which can each handle pain. Therefore, it is important to take the complaints seriously and to contact a doctor.

Pain be tolerated joints of the finger, all too often as a mere symptom of old age. There are just in the early diagnosis, effective and gentle treatments and therapies that delay the progression of the disease. Only in the advanced stage of drugs or even surgical interventions are used.

"Just the beginning of the disease, the patient’s already bony deformities of the hands, but under the circumstances, no Schmerzen", Professor Dr. med says. Ralph Gaulke, Vice-President of the German society for Orthopaedic rheumatology (DGORh). Already in this early stage, Affected person could start to train by means of the daily motion of the Finger, the mobility of the joints and to get.

First the pain to come, it is crucial for the treatment, whether it is related to current inflammation pain – in the "warmen" Joint – is, or whether they are purely due to wear and tear; then the joint is usually "kalt". The latter is the case, the effect of heat application relieves pain in a damaged joint. In "warmen" Joints, ice baths can help. Also custom made splints can relieve the joint and thus, provide relief.

The Finger polyarthrosis is accompanied, however, by an inflammation, it is harder to treat. Many Sufferers resort to analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs. "Unfortunately, this is not a permanent solution, usually serious side effects on cardiovascular System and gastrointestinal tract are the result of regular Medikamenteneinnahme", warns Gaulke. In the first step, he recommends, to ease the pain on the temperature.

Local applications and pain help more breastfeeding resources, or the complaints limit the data too much in everyday life, it can also be a surgery considered. To prevent this, the following applies: In case of pain in the finger joints consult a doctor so that the disease can be treated early.


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