Alone in New York and Italy: masks, tens of thousands of prevented Corona contagions

In addition to Smartphone and wallet, they now count for fixed companion in everyday life: protection masks. In public transport, and also when shopping, Wear is mandatory. Even if the measure receives understanding, it is useful as a study in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” (PNAS) shows: The Wearing of protective masks prevented, therefore, in Italy and in New York, tens of thousands of Coronavirus infections.

New Corona Study

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In Italy alone, the measure between the 6 have. April and 9. May, more than 78,000 infections prevented in New York from 17. April to 9. May, more than 66,000, calculate the researchers, from universities in Texas and California. Accordingly, the Transmission of the pathogen, Sars-CoV-2 is through the air the dominant mode of transmission.

Comparison with data from Wuhan

The scientists studied data and statistics from the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the Virus was initially broken out, as well as from Italy and the metropolis of New York. The Wearing of masks was washed out in Italy and New York time, according to other recommendations, such as the hands or keep their distance, disposed in the most affected Northern Italy on the 6th of April, in New York on 17. April. In Wuhan, for instance, were all arranged with these rules at the same time. The researchers compared the data before and after the mask rule in New York and Italy with those in Wuhan.

From your Numbers, the Team led by Renyi Zhang of the A&amp concludes;M University in College Station, that the Transmission of the virus through the air as a dominant mode of transmission out of rival Kristal. Measures such as distance keeping and quarantine alone, the Corona could not stop the spread of it. “The difference between the prescribed and non-prescribed Mouth guard is the determining factor in the design of the end of the global pandemic,” they write.

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