An elderly man is forgetful, but Alzheimer’s it is not

Alzheimer’s – this diagnosis does not want to be the niece of an older man happy. The Senior is not particularly good. He is forgetful become and can no longer run properly: The 70-Year-old trips and shuffles.

The niece of the man has agreed on an appointment in the Asklepios clinic in Hamburg-Altona. Professor Dr. Uwe Kehler, the head physician of the neurosurgery, to look at the patient and the diagnostic check. The visit proves to be a stroke of luck – for the patient, but also for his family.

The physicians at the speed of the man is striking, first of all, He runs insecure and goes in small steps. As the niece reported, occurred the Gehbeschwerden first. Only later the memory had problems. Prof. Kehler noted that the man is very taciturn, and with a time delay to his questions answers.

Shuffling, small steps – is it Parkinson’s? Also a long-standing sugar disease, Diabetes may attack the nerves in the legs and feet and make it difficult to Go. But the Patient has yet another Symptom that makes the doctors very cagey whenever he needs to toilet, he must have very quickly and urgently water.

Gradually, the image is for Prof. Kehler. He has a concrete suspicion that the Patient could suffer. With Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease, this diagnosis has nothing to do.

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