An hour in the children, the Limit is car – WHO released new guidelines for babies

Those who move too little, you risk long-term Obesity and subsequent diseases such as Diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular disease. According to the world health organization, 1.4 billion people will move the world to a little – with long-term consequences for health. How to prevent this.

The experts WHO put on prevention, at best already from early Childhood. On this occasion, the WHO guidelines for sufficient physical activity in infants and young children has published. Particularly critical is the expert passive screen time – so if the Small sitting motionless in front of the television, the Smartphone or Tablet. However, longer residence in the high chair or kids not cuts off the car well. The individual recommendations in the Overview:

Small children younger than a year.

One – to two-year-old children

Three – to four-year-old children

The recommendations are based on scientific research. But specifically to the effects of screen time in early childhood, there are very few studies, explains Juana Willumsen, who was involved in the preparation of the guidelines, and the WHO, expert in the field of disease prevention. It was, however, very unlikely that young children of passive time benefited front of the screen, so the expert.

“The time spent in a Sitting position, should be quality time,” she explained to the BBC. “Who reads to his child, for example, a book that promotes the knowledge of the language.”

A concession to the time in front of the TV or the Tablet makes the expert, but should Ideally be considered consignments, the children animate the movement. The best way for parents or caregivers should be on-site to support the children or involve rising.

Sources: the WHO Guidelines on Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour and Sleep / BBC