Bayern Doc Müller-Wohlfahrt: the healing methods of the best sports doctor in the world

For many of his patients, world champion and Olympic champion, he’s the best sports doctor in the world. He was known primarily as a “Bayern-Doc”. Why Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt common therapies such as cortisone injections tend to reject, on point, accurate injections to be familiar with homeopathic remedies – and its sense of touch.

Who goes as a Patient to the orthopedic surgeon, reported to the doctor briefly about his complaints, the physical examination is usually as well quickly, often without undressing, and then it is equal to the x-ray before a diagnosis is made. Technology replaces the manual investigation – an important point in the practice of everyday life, the sports physician Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt criticized.

For him, diagnosis number one is the keys, so manual examination of the patient, as he will see in his book “With the hands – my life and medicine” exactly. Germany coach Joachim Löw describes it as: “…that he makes the correct diagnosis after the first investigation, without that he would have to make sure by means of modern MRI, CT or x-ray procedures. He does it with his hands, the need to have something magical, with his experience and with his Intuition.“ Suhrkamp/Insel In his book “seeing With your hands” describes Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt, its successful treatment methods.

Manually examine and the cause of muscle problems

In this way, Hans-Wilhelm Müller tracks-welfare trigger points or tender points, felt with his hands, what could be the cause of the pain. An example for this Track, here with the common Problem of athletes “muscle power” to what is known to have a wide variety of causes: A player of FC Bayern complained in the Training of this muscle problem. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt felt the hardened muscle bundles carefully, the felt on its surface a strange soapy. Bleeding did not come as the cause in question, but clearly it was a collection of fluid.

It had to be the lymph that accumulated along the hardened muscle, the presumption of the doctor. The lymphatic drainage was disrupted, which, in turn, was caused by a pressure of a nerve in the spine. In the Segment of the spine, from which this nerve arises, was a vertebral blockade. All of the the doctor found out through precise palpation. As the eddy blockage has been treated, decreased lymphatic congestion, and in order for muscle hardening, by the way, after a few days.

In homeopathy, are the ghosts again and again: it Is an effective medicine and is based on your success solely on the Placebo effect? The dispute is a religious war. On the one hand-oriented physician, the only methods are to be used, the success of measurement are scientifically and verifiably is. On the other hand, representatives of the homeopathy references to many observable therapeutic success to patients and a large following.

Homeopathy is not a recognised science. Rational method will not be explained, which sets up recognition of diluted active ingredients, the essence of a person in the choice and terms are used that do not occur in the school of medicine. Nevertheless, classically trained Physicians of the many patients popular homeopathy is becoming increasingly open. Around 7000 of them have a homeopathic training.

Because the fact is: Many people swear by the use of Pessaries. The majority of Germans seems to be convinced that to you in homeopathic treatments to help, such as a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation and Barmer GEK showed. Of the nearly 7,000 respondents, more than 80 percent said that they have improved it a homeopathic treatment. Other research shows that every second German has used medicine balls.

Cortisone injection to help often only for a short time

Manual and functional study form the Basis of the diagnosis, imaging procedures are of only supportive measures. The therapy depends on the diagnosis, but the treatment is in the case of Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt in many cases, unlike many orthopedic patients are otherwise normal.

Compared to surgery and cortisone, which are often considered a panacea, is the star of the physicians opposed it. Cortisone injection molding, for example, to be introduced in aching back joints, numb fast the pain. However, after some time the effect wears off, the pain set in again. This applies especially then, when the environment of the reaction, such as massive muscle spasms alongside the spine, were not treated, warns a sports doctor.

Injections with homeopathic medication

He dealt often with infiltration therapy, where he injected biological and homeopathic medicines, for example, of the spine – for example, in nerves, joints, roots or facets, but also in trigger points. He used plant extracts in homeopathic dilution, and homeopathic complex remedies. Special attention he gives to the medicinal plant Arnica, because you

  • Inflammation processes, inhibits
  • Swelling can be
  • Accumulation of water degrades, so dehydrierend acts

These three effects are not only in demand in many of the sports injuries, but also in case of complaints due to incorrect or lack of movement, failure load and joint wear and tear.

Infiltration therapy, if necessary supplemented with hyaluronic acid

As the sports doctor performs the infiltration therapy: He treated complex so as is the case with conventional therapy alone, the affected Segment of the spine, but also the and the underlying. Because it is damage to a Segment, you must take the adjacent function part and run the risk of to get through this Overload, in turn, problems. Therefore, the doctor injected the pain-relieving and swelling-acting means in the different segments in the spinal canal.

The swelling builds and there is sufficient room for the nerve root will be created. Depending on your needs, such as in the case of problems with the cross-gut joints, he injected grease also nature-identical hyaluronic acid as a joint. The improved mobility.

Executed correctly, can help with the infiltration therapy is often to avoid surgery.

Homeopathy means, to the people to help without harming

Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt has science already at the very beginning of his professional career to natural healing and resistant to certain chemical agents to a decision. Why, he promotes homeopathy, which is in orthopedics and sports medicine otherwise only rarely attention? The exception to this sports doctor holds closely to the Hippocratic principle: “Primum nil nocere, secundum cavere, tertium sanare” – “First do not harm and, secondly, to prevent third cure”, the one he makes to his Credo. Help, without harming the people is the guiding principle and, therefore, his first choice are always substances that cause no harm, so he came to homeopathy.

All of the infiltration therapy used drugs are free of side effects, he assured. The decision for the natural medicine is correct, confirm a result of his diverse therapy, but also “events, in which athletes wore by a treatment with cortisone, the health damage,” he says in his book.

The guiding principles of Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt.

In addition, the following principles are part of his health philosophy:

  • Not to omit anything, what helps the patient without harm.
  • The self-healing forces of the body support.
  • The body’s response to injury and Overload, not by chemical drugs suppress.
  • Avoid side-effects.

Self-responsibility is required

In addition to these treatments, a sports medicine focuses on physical therapy and exercise, on the Initiative of the patient. On certain diets are, moreover, rules make sense, such as drinking alcohol regularly, and acid-forming to avoid the end of food. This includes sugar, include the flour – and-milk-products-and-white.

In addition, he recommends low-dose dietary supplements in order to strengthen the connective tissue. For this, he proposes to use the amino acids lysine, arginine, and glutamine. In addition, Magnesium, zinc, copper, silicon, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and D make sense.

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The sports doctor advises for self-treatment of muscle and joint pain

Belongs to ownership, the right to self-medication. Here, the sports physicians of ointments, the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory contain anti-inflammatory substances discourages, rather. They act systemically, and could burden the kidneys. He recommends prefer ointments with natural, side-effect-free ingredients, such as Arnica, but also incense. This is the Credo of the renowned sports doctor, – the people help, without harming him.