Chinese study dampens hope of an antibody therapy against Covid-19

The method is time-consuming, but was used during past pandemics and again to successfully. You win from the blood of patients who have survived an infection, antibodies formed by the immune system against the pathogen, and this is injected in a blood plasma of the Diseased – in the hope that the added antibody to combat the pathogen and for the alleviation or even cure to worry. It’s called a “passive immunization”.

This should also be when novel Coronavirus is possible, said doctors at an early stage of the ongoing pandemic. However, initial findings from China, not to dampen this hope mean on the other hand, that this treatment approach.

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When you are immune against the Coronavirus?

Antibodies: not a resounding success

A Chinese medical team from Wuhan, reported in the journal “Journal of the American Medical Association” (JAMA), that the treatment of sera difficult to Covid-19 Diseased with anti-body-only minor successes were brought in. In the case of five patients who are severely Ill in addition to the standard treatment applied therapy have chipped, but that was still no evidence for a General efficacy. The reason for this is 103, the number of participants was in the study too low.

In addition, there have been no adequate comparison group is also hard at Covid-19 Diseased, so that not to recognize whether the patients would have recovered without the therapy, says the post. Neither one was able to determine that the blood therapy have accelerated the recovery from Covid-19-patients still have the risk to die from an infection with the novel Coronavirus. For the study, a group of blood serums have been administered with the antibodies, a second group received a Placebo.

Antibodies in the blood

So convalescent Corona can help patients severely ill Affected

Hope for Corona-therapy remains

The Chinese doctors consider that their findings by no means the antibody for use against the Coronavirus is buried needs to be. For one, patients would have responded to the anti-body treatment, on the other, the results are only meaningful to a limited extent, since the study prematurely after 28 days I dropped out. The main reason was that they would not have found for the larger-scale study enough patients, because the Corona pandemic was in your starting point Wuhan, in the meantime under control.


US-immunologist is likely to be of quick help for Corona patients

To an antibody therapy against the Coronavirus is not researched only in China but also in other countries – including Germany. It is considered to be a possible first step in a Sars-CoV-2 treatment, as long as there is no drug and no vaccine. More importantly, as a physician, medical personnel are protected against infection or very difficult to Covid-19 patients, at least provides relief. As a permanent treatment, an anti-body issue is out of the question because it is too time-consuming and may also lead to the immunization of the blood donors weakens.

Sources: “Journal of the American Medical Association”; Reuters News Agency

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