Dementia prevention: what are the foods you against Forgetting to eat

It would be nice, but to prevent a dementia disorder does not. The more important it is to protect the brain and strengthen it. A large contribution to the diet. Here are the most important nutrients for fit are grey cells.

Dementia and its most common Form Alzheimer’s hits simple minds and geniuses, couch potatoes as well as sporty and Active, health-conscious people and those who pay little attention to. There seems to be no way of life can prevent mental deterioration. But He can mitigate and delay.

An important role diet plays, because there are a number of nutrients and food components that keep the network of nerve cells and synapses supple, so that it can process information quickly and correctly . There are studies that attributes the correct food selection, a delay of the dementia outbreak to seven years. A well-composed diet is necessary. These components are most important for the brain:

  • Secondary plant substances – approximately 8000 of these various polyphenols stuck in plant foods
  • the antioxidant vitamins C and E
  • the “nerve”vitamins of the B group, especially B6, B12 and folic acid
  • Omega-3 fatty acids – essential for building and maintaining nerve cells

In a new book, “food from the past”, compiled By Anne Iburg appealing recipes, the ingredients with brain protective function. And it explains what can be done with vegetables, good Oils and nuts. “Eat against Forgetting” by Anne Iburg buy now at Amazon!

1. The best drinks for the head

Thirst quencher number 1 is, and remains, water. Two to three cups of coffee, green or black tea. The effect on the brain comes less from the stimulating caffeine, but of anti-oxidant polyphenols. If you like wine, it is allowed daily a small glass of Red treat – also, the protective plug plants substances.

2. Green vegetables strengthens brain cells

The recommended three servings of vegetables a day to achieve a lot of people in this country. But with a handful of salad and a double Serving of Ratatouille, the goal is already achieved. “Double Portion” means that the half plate of the main meal is filled with vegetables. The Vitamin Mix supplies the brain relevant to folic acid, and of course, vegetables are Packed with polyphenols.

3. Dark berries are the best fruit for the brain

In the head healthy MIND-diet, a mixture of Mediterranean -, and Anti-hypertension diet apply berries as the most valuable fruit, because they provide materials the highest content of plant protection. In addition, Vitamin C is the formation of plaque in the blood vessels is reduced – a risk factor for dementia. Ripe and fresh, the fruit should be. Together with an Apple, it comes with a handful of Raspberry, earth and blueberry on the recommended two servings a day.

4. Beans, peas, lentils – the brain benefits of three servings per week

B-vitamins, folic acid and natural polyphenols make legumes healthy for the brain. Instead of lentil stew, it may also be a Tofu steak, Falafel, or Hummus.

5. The brain needs full-grain

Polyphenols and B-vitamins to make whole-grain bread, pasta and rice to foods for a healthy brain.

Relatives of dementia sufferers can turn to in case of problems and questions to the Alzheimer’s phone of the German Alzheimer’s society 030 – 259 37 95 14 or 01803 – 17 10 17 from Monday to Thursday 9-18 and Friday 9-15 clock.

6. Oil-variety of uses, the brain

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for a smooth horn metabolism. Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, canola and olive contain larger quantities. Whether refined or cold-pressed, plays no role. Also the antioxidant Vitamin E is in the Oil – Since the Oils of neutral taste, to very intensive, they are suitable for different use.

Omega-3-suppliers of fish as well as nuts and seeds. Twice per week you should come fish on the plate next to the fat salmon also lean plaice or cod. A couple of almonds or pistachios are good Snacks for in between or a brain-healthy Snack in front of the TV.

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