Diabetes is ten times think more deadly than you

In the case of cancer, everyone thinks that the disease could also cost lives – in the case of Diabetes, this Association does not exist. The metabolic disease is life also dangerous, as a recent analysis reveals. We call the causes of it, and tell you what diabetics should look for.

The danger of Diabetes have been underestimated until now. Comparatively few deaths have been associated with the metabolic disease. According to the official causes of death statistics an average of only 2.7 percent of all deaths should be due to diabetes.

Now, scientists at the German Diabetes center (DDZ at the Leibniz center for Diabetes research at the Heinrich-Heine-University of Düsseldorf) have carried out a great analysis and came to a very different result:

21 percent of all deaths in Diabetes due, of which 16 per cent to type 2 Diabetes.

The researchers examined the routine data of the statutory health insurance. This showed that life-threatening diseases caused by Diabetes, will play the crucial role for every fifth case of death.

Diabetes damaging the blood vessels

Because the diabetes may undergo a series of diseases that follow after. Already years before the diagnosis of “Diabetes” is made, can change a prolonged, high blood sugar level in the blood vessels and promote arteriosclerosis. Diabetics have a three times higher risk of vascular disease (Angiopathy) to.

First, the small blood vessels close

Depending on which areas of the body vessels are affected and to what extent, the consequences are “only” unpleasant and reduce the quality of life or can it threaten even.

Usually the small blood vessels affected by atherosclerosis (micro-angiopathy) are first. You already have the smallest constrictions can lead to minor circulatory disturbances. These small blood vessels play in the retina, the kidney, the function of the nerve, but also of the heart and the brain have a role. What is the duration of as a result of illness possible:

  • Eyes: retinopathy, i.e., hemorrhages in the retina and retinal detachment, associated with a high risk for blindness.
  • Renal: nephropathy, thereby altering the Renal corpuscles that filter the blood. You can no longer work sufficient, in the worst case, failure of the kidneys and blood washing is needed.
  • Nerves: high blood sugar levels interferes with the metabolism of the nerve cells. You do not get enough oxygen and die as a result. It polyneuropathy threatens with a loss of tactile, vibration, and temperature sensation. The feet in particular are affected, abnormal sensations and poor healing lead to the end of the wounds to the so-called “diabetic foot” with ulcer formation.
  • Skin: diabetics often have skin problems. Not only that, wounds heal poorly, also fungal infections are often particularly stubborn. The cause is, among other things, that the smallest blood work vessels in the skin poorly, and the acid protection mantle of the skin is changed.

By the way, also the large vessels of the legs, so the leg arteries can be due to atherosclerosis affected. You can narrow or close even. Every step is torture, the Affected individuals are constantly loading during walking breaks. Medically this is referred to discomfort image as arterial disease of the legs, short pad or handling a shop window disease of language. Paod, but also diabetic foot can lead to Amputation.

Deadly risk for brain and heart

Also the heart and brain can form at an early stage, there is a constriction in the small blood vessels. These atherosclerotic changes are the first to fall hardly, they cause little discomfort. However, the large blood vessels in these organs are affected, so arteries in the brain and the coronary arteries, increases the risk for heart attack and stroke rapidly. Both of these events, the most common cause of death of diabetics.

More young people people with diabetes are at higher risk for heart attack and stroke than adults

Both heart attack as well as stroke, lead to large areas of the affected organ is no longer supplied. An artery has been totally closed, the underlying area supplied by this blood vessel dies slowly.

By the way, more and more people suffer under the age of 40 from a stroke. One of the possible causes: the number of Diabetes-New disease treatments has increased five-fold among young people.

High blood pressure and Smoking increase the risks

Heart attack and stroke are by far the most dangerous complications of Diabetes. Especially, who in addition smokes, and/or high blood pressure, raised to the power of his risk. Stopping Smoking and optimal reduction of high blood pressure are therefore, for each of the diabetic’s life is important.

The complications of Diabetes – regardless of whether it is “only” a constantly recurring fungal skin or already a dramatic narrowing of the carotid artery due to atherosclerosis, however, are not destiny. It is important to pay attention already on the first symptoms that indicate the pre-stage of Diabetes called pre-diabetes, and to respond as quickly as possible.

A result of diseases such as stroke and heart attack avoid

What you should do: a Year at the doctor the blood sugar level test. If the values are slightly above the normal range, for example,

  • Fasting sugar at 100 and 125 mg/dl,
  • Glucose tolerance test of 140 to 199 mg/dl,

respond immediately and

sugar consumption limit, to the hidden sugars and the more dangerous of Isoglucose (glucose syrup, corn syrup, starch syrup) eighth, on a daily basis for more motion.

Then a real Diabetes with security can be avoided. Of course, the blood sugar level should be controlled in consultation with the doctor on a regular basis to see how the measures take effect.

And if has already established Diabetes, be aware of from the beginning to optimal blood sugar control. Because how well you succeed in the first ten years of the disease – that will decide whether later is a consequence of the disease or not.