Doctor post a scary photo and explains Why you should fall asleep never with contact lenses

Patrick Vollmer is an eye doctor and operates the “Vita Eye Clinic” in Shelby in the U.S. state of North Carolina. As the physician writes in a Facebook Post, he gets the sense to listen to according to a day the following sentence from his patients: “I sleep every day with my contact lenses and never had a Problem”.

In order to identify the consequences that can develop from this habit, in the worst case, as published in the eye doctor on the Facebook page of his clinic a current case, including extremely of photos shocking. His patient would also have sleep with your contact lenses. As a result, had formed in one eye Pseudomonas bacteria, which attacks the cornea. This led, in the case of the patient that her vision was reduced to a shadowy representation.

Message: Never with contact lenses, fall asleep

The bacteria would have eaten rapidly into the cornea of the patient, as Vollmer in his Post, and within 36 hours. The pathogen would have left back to the affected areas a suppiges, white dead tissue. Pseudomonas, disease a common reason for the eyes and can lead, according to Vollmer, in a short period of time to permanent blindness.

The green coloring on some of the photos was caused by a contrast medium, to make the dark Spots visible. Vollmer treated the patient with antibiotics to fight the infection, and steroids administered in addition to a scar formation on the cornea to counteract the skin. The eye of the patient recovering, but it will probably remain a permanent damage to eyesight. A contribution to the specialist magazine “Journal of the American Medical Association,” confirms the danger posed by the pathogens.

Vollmer first founded the company contribution moved in with Facebook in wide circles and was commented 230.000 Times. The doctor wants to know the Post as a “tactical deterrent”, as he himself writes in a comments. The message: Never with contact lenses in the eyes to fall asleep.

“I sleep in my contacts all the time and I’ve never had a problem.”As an eye doctor, I literally hear this daily. The…

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