Embarrassing topic, but who makes nothing against hemorrhoids, get real problems

The corpora cavernosa of the bladder and Rectum are not just a small talk topic. But at least the doctor Concerned should bring their complaints to the Po. After all, who doesn’t take in time, must at worst go under the knife.

It itches, it burns, and the Po. Many are not so embarrassing that you are speaking out of sheer shame, even with their doctor about it. You can do it but, it turns out often that it is actually harmless Problem: The hemorrhoids are enlarged. The Patient ignored the Suffering but still, it can be really uncomfortable.

Hemorrhoids are well supplied with blood cavernous bodies, which close the rectum. "Everyone has them, that is quite a Natürliches", Bernhard Strittmatter, specialist in surgery and proctology in Freiburg says. Without hemorrhoids the person would be incontinent. The thresholds are increased body, from lyres and can’t seal the rectum longer. In consequence, liquid from the bottom of the mast penetrates the intestine to the outside on the sensitive skin in the anal area.

If it’s bleeding.

This may not itch only burn, but also oozing, or maybe even bleed. Doctors speak of a Hemorrhoidal Suffer. "Is bright red blood, then the information on advanced Hämorrhoiden&quot condense;, Andreas Ommer, explained, a specialist in the rectum and large intestine the centre to eat. The blood is dark red, however, then this can be a indication of bowel disease. The patient should have the cause by a doctor to clarify. Only the symptoms can be treated properly. dpa

The cause of the predisposition is usually. "It is about a genetic weakness can be conditional connective tissue vorliegen", explained Matt argued. Risk factors include constipation and lack of movement: the body Is not active, the bowel sluggish. The Affected person sits on the toilet and pressed and pressed, whereby the hemorrhoids wear also. A long stay on the toilet with extensive newspaper reading should be avoided as much as possible. "Otherwise, the pressure on the cavernous bodies of the rectum easy-to-groß", Ursula explains to seller a mountain of the Federal chamber of pharmacists.

Doctors divide four stages of the disease

A Hemorrhoidal runs to Suffer in the four stages of the disease. In stage one the hemorrhoids are enlarged, but not visible from the outside. In the second stage you withdraw during bowel movement from the Anus and then on again. "In the third stage, the hemorrhoids can herausrutschen&quot spontaneously;, Strittmatter says – for example, during heavy physical work. The hemorrhoids not back then, but from itself, but only by Hand in the After press. In the fourth stage, you can no longer push back.

It is so far, should be Concerned, go as early as possible to the doctor. "In stage one, a medium is injected into the enlarged hemorrhoid, causing the corpora cavernosa again zusammenziehen", explained Ommer. In the second stage, a rubber is slipped the ring on the extended part of the hemorrhoids, it is tied off. The excess Tissue falls off after about two weeks with a bowel movement. In stage three and four, the only Operation in which excess tissue is removed helps.

Fled from seed husks bend hemorrhoids

Who wants to proactively do something about enlarged hemorrhoids, should eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grain products, and often move. Drink a lot also ensures that the bowel can work at its best. If you are prone to constipation, should take psyllium and drink plenty of fluids, advises Ommer. Psyllium seed is considered to be rich in fiber and provides a source of assets for a smooth regulation of the intestine.