Hantavirus: it is not new, and spread worldwide

According to various reports in the media about a death in China by the Hantavirus rumors about a new, deadly Virus around, ghosts in the network. Hantaviruses are widely used not new and already in the world, such as the Federal centre for health education writes. Deaths are in Germany very rare. Hantaviruses are transmitted via rodents such as rats and mice to humans. Mostly the virus to be inhaled, for example through contaminated dust. It is particularly at risk, therefore, who is operating in forestry, in agriculture or in the garden working. From person to person, the virus does not spread in Germany.

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The case numbers in Germany vary greatly, such as the Robert-Koch Institute, writes. In many years, there have been on average only about 200 people with the disease. Many of the contagions there was, according to the RKI with more than 2,800 cases in 2012. Depending on the type of virus, the Severity of the disease differs. Usually, Infected with a sudden high fever, head and body aches, and stomach suffer from intestinal and kidney problems. In the case of infection with Hantavirus, the competent health must be informed office.

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