How Smartphones are changing relationships

Mobile phones have become a constant companion. Almost 50 percent of adults are even of the opinion, not without your phone life. Where does this strong attraction comes from and what that means for human relationships, according to researchers from the University of Arizona investigated.

Thanks to Smartphones and social media, it has become much easier to come into contact with other people. Nevertheless, &quot can these virtual Connections have a negative impact on our relationships: ;If you are distracted by the device, is split your attention. But the response to our partners – an essential component for the development of intimacy requires attention in the Here and Jetzt", psychology Professor David Sbarra says. This could lead according to the researchers, to relationship conflicts: Sbarra and colleagues cite a study with 143 married women, of which more than 70 percent indicated that mobile phones often interfere in their relationships.

The researchers explain the great appeal of Smartphones with our evolutionary history. Small networks of family and friends have secured our Survival. "These relationships are based on trust and cooperation that are established by the Parties to give personal information about yourself and other reagieren", so Sbarra. Smartphones, text messages and social media make it easier than ever to get in contact with other people. Today’s networks are much larger and more distant than those of our ancestors.


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