If Tremor is not harmless: These diseases can be behind it

Since Angela Merkel has to contend with a violent trembling attacks, the Symptom of a lot of attention. The cause for the Chancellor is unknown. General Tremor may indicate various diseases.

Angela Merkel has declared, that it “very good”. However, many people are discussing the health status of the Chancellor. Three strong shaking seizures observed by spectators during their performances and within a few weeks.

Those who are cold and scared, knows that, if muscle groups pull together uncontrolled. This is a completely natural body response, and harmless. But it may put more to it.

So Tremor is defined

Doctors speak of the Shaking of the Tremor. In accordance with the guidelines of the German society for neurology (DGN) defines this as follows:

“Tremor is defined as rhythmical involuntary oscillation of one or more body sections. The Tremor is a Symptom and etiologically heterogeneous.“ That is, the Shaking has quite different causes.

Therefore, organic and neurological diseases on the one hand, the reason as thyroid or kidney malfunction, for example, as diseases such as Parkinson’s or Multiple sclerosis can also trigger involuntary muscle movements. On the other hand, psychosomatic diseases such as Stress, excitement and tension lead often.

Most of the enhanced physiological Tremor, essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Tremor are.

So tremor forms can be distinguished

To find out what the Shaking back, help with answers to the following questions:

  • When does the Tremble?
    Activation condition is called in medical language. In other words, in what kind of Situation occurs the Tremor In rest or in action, the Keeping of objects, or if a non-directional movement or target movement to be executed.
  • How fast the Shaking is?
    Doctors examine the Trembling of the muscles on the basis of the frequency. The scale ranges from a relatively slow, low frequency of 2 to 4 Hertz (Hertz = vibrations per second), over medium-frequent, 4 to 7 Hertz, up to a fast Tremor, high-frequency, of more than 7 Hertz.
  • As a sweeping the trembling movement?
    With the Amplitude of the doctors measure the movements to as fine, medium or coarse schlägiges Shaking.

In addition, experts will examine the different tremor forms, on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Duration of the disease
  • Heritability
  • other symptoms and anamnestic data, which are to clarify the cause of the underlying disease useful (such as disease of the peripheral nerves)

The shapes are the three most common Tremor

1. Enhanced physiological Tremor

Typical for this Form of high-frequency Tremor of more than 6 Hertz. First of all, it is a question of a neurological disorder to be ruled out. Then the cause of the tremor is how to fix usually. Thyroid malfunction, Vitamin B12 deficiency to low blood calcium levels, renal insufficiency, but also exhaustion, or Stress.

In addition, medications such as antidepressants, neuroleptics, thyroid hormones, or poisoning, can cause about alcohol with a strong Tremor.

2. Classic essential Tremor

Mainly Concerned complaints have Think with and action tremor. In addition, the symptoms in the course of time to take slowly, sometimes moving fast. The individual regions of the body relates to the Shaking of different frequently: hands 94 per cent, head, 33 percent, agree 16%, face 3% legs 12% and hull 3 percent. Therefore, the patient can perceive the actually harmless to Tremble more and more as a hindrance.

About 60 percent of the show according to the guidelines, information on inheritance. As clarified, the causes do not apply, however. Malfunction in certain brain regions, including the cerebellum, are probably in order.

For the treatment a variety of medications are available.

3. Tremor in Parkinson’s syndromes

The typical Tremor of Parkinson’s disease patients occurs in sleep. Therefore, the one-sided Tremor is considered to be one of the most reliable criteria for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in more than 90 percent of the cases, it is true.

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Overall, the Parkinson’s disease-syndromes, summarize the various forms of the disease from type I to III, which are characterized by varying degrees of Tremor characteristics.

Cure Parkinson’s does not. But the discomfort can be eased and there are special Anti-Tremor medications available.

Read more about diagnosis and treatment in the guidelines of the DGN.

Less common: orthostatic Tremor

In addition to the above frequent types of tremor, there are rarer forms of the cerebellar Tremor, used synonymously with intention tremor, for example. As the most common causes of this is the Multiple sclerosis and other diseases of the cerebellum are valid.

The symptoms of the Chancellor, Uwe Jahnke, chief physician of the clinic for neurology and Clinical neurophysiology at the Schön Klinik Neustadt remind us of an “orthostatic Tremor” – a harmless disease, which is manifested by Tremor in a Standing position.

The reason for this is not known and is suspected in the brain stem. Occasionally a family history is found. Doctors also discuss factors that increase the such as a Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Concerned, shivering in the not Stand – in the Go but

Affected, for example, begin to tremble in the Stand, be quiet again, as soon as you go. Such a Tremor would, therefore, Come to the place mostly to suppress. “But this is only my first impression,” the specialist in neurology and epileptology. Which Merkel actually suffer, can only find out your doctor.

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The therapy of orthostatic tremor is easy – it may be laborious: “He is with benzodiazepines to treat”, explains the specialist. These have side effects such as dizziness or fatigue. Since there are often different supplements to try out. “Then the disease is very treatable.” Curable it is not, however, the Patient must take the drugs often for a lifetime. As soon as he put it, could come back to the Tremor. Does not lead to a strong disability or impairment of the nervous system, the disease usually.

“I believe that it is the way it came, one day, will pass away. But it is not yet so far,“ said the Chancellor to their complaints. Who observed Similar to, and should, in principle, the cause of his trembling seizures clarify.