In Heinsberg, the people suffering from the Coronavirus – #hsbestrong gives you courage

Until recently, no one knew the circle Heinsberg probably only in the immediate surroundings, in the past few weeks, but the County in the administrative district of Cologne has come to dubious fame. In Heinsberg, the first Coronavirus cases in Germany occurred, from there the Virus spread throughout the Republic. As before, the circle is on the border to the Netherlands, the most affected area, significantly more than 300 Coronavirus infections are known so far (as of Wednesday). Two of the three previous Corona-the dead come from the area. Hundreds of people had to be in quarantine.

It are hard times for the people in Heinsberg, you can use the support. The Hashtag #hsbestrong on Twitter. The “HS” stands for the car, mark the circle. User try to make this is the Motto of the Affected courage and the solidarity from all corners of the country feel. In addition, the people in Heinsberg keep the contact with the outside world and report on how they experience the current situation.

#hsbestrong: solidarity with the people in Heinsberg

“Including the people gather,” said district chief Stephan Pusch during his visit to the ZDF-Talkshow “Markus Lanz” on the solidarity that exists both in Germany as well as under the Heins bergern Lord. On Facebook and Twitter Pusch, who was, according to his own information there has previously been no intensive Social Media users are using the Hashtag in order to keep the residents informed. “There’s a drug that we all have in us: solidarity and compassion,” said Pusch to the radio station WDR 2.


Corona is the test for our whole society

A rock band from the circular published on Youtube a Song with the title “Heinsberg stay strong”: “Heinsberg stay strong, let us keep together. Heinsberg stay strong, don’t let them get to you.”

The idea of the Hashtag is an entrepreneur from Heinsberg: Frank the plenary Mr Kristian Knudsen came. This happened quite by chance, he told the “Rheinische Post”: “The formulation is believed to have been a combination of my fatigue and of two Mon Chéri.” The plenary Mr Kristian Knudsen concluded a private Facebook Post about the Situation in his home with the words “Heinsberg stay strong”. Since then, it is the motto of the beleaguered circle.

Now T-Shirts printed with the Slogan. With the proceeds of a sick infant is to be supported, the suffers from a rare muscle disease and the family needed money to Fund the therapy. “If my set is seen here as a kind of encouragement-and a good purpose, I’m happy,” said the plenary Mr Kristian Knudsen of the “Rheinische Post”. But above all, the heinsberger hope of normality as soon as possible.

Sources: “Markus Lanz” / GlamBox on Youtube / “Rheinische Post” / Twitter #hsbestrong / WDR 2

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