It was Vitamin-E-acetate?

At least 200 people sick, two patients died: In the USA there seems to be a first indication of the cause for the accumulation of previously unknown lung disease, which could be in connection with the use of E-cigarettes.

The substance is, therefore, to an Oil, the Vitamin E won is, according to the “Washington Post” and refers to the internal communication of the health authority FDA (Food and Drug Administration) with the authorities of the affected Federal States.

The substance has been demonstrated, therefore, in a number of so-called Liquids. These are liquids that are vaporized. Several manufacturers are affected. The investigators have found that Vitamin-E-acetate in the samples of cannabis products, which had smoked the Diseased previously. In some US States, the sale of THC is allowed in products.

“No substance, which was identified in all samples”

Vitamin E occurs naturally in various foods, such as Oils or nuts. As the “Washington Post” reported, the substance due to its molecular structure, by Inhalation dangerous.

However, all suspected cases not long ago in connection with Vitamin-E-acetate. “There is no substance, including a Vitamin-E-acetate, which was identified in all the samples,” said the FDA. More information would be needed in order to understand the connection between the particular products or substances, and the reported cases of the disease better. The symptoms ranged from respiratory complaints, shortness of breath and chest pain to cases of gastro-intestinal disorders with vomiting and diarrhea.

German experts: E-cigarettes less harmful than traditional cigarettes

German experts warn, however, before panic. “According to current Study, E-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than traditional cigarettes,” says Ute Mons from the German cancer research center (DKFZ) of the MIRROR. Studies on the short-term effects would have shown, for example, that the condition of patients improved with the lung disease COPD, after they had switched to E-cigarettes. In addition, evidence shows that E-cigarettes can help in Smoking cessation.

Mons stresses that the number of people in the USA discussed the cases had to be set in relation to the deaths due to traditional tobacco consumption, as a result, in Germany alone, every year about 120,000 people die.

How is the Situation in Germany?

“The problems in the USA are supposed to have occurred within a relatively short period of time, and especially young people to be affected, suggests that there is an acute Problem in the United States and not, for example, long-term effects of E-cigarettes,” says Frank Henkler-Stephani from the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR).

According to current knowledge, no increased risk for users of E-cigarettes in Germany be expected to, if you use products that comply with European and German regulations. Steamer should, however, generally, symptoms such as difficulty breathing or pain in the chest area, especially after a product change.

Overall, consumers are protected in this country a little better than in the US, says Henkler-Stephani. As a manufacturer of e-Liquids in Germany have to report their formulations, and the use of certain hazardous contents were prohibited substances.

Henkler-Stephani warns, however, against non-registered products to mix Yourself, which will often contain no nicotine and often sold online. Since nicotine is not fall free Liquids under the tobacco law, need not be complied with, the relevant provisions also. Absurd way might be this e-Liquids with nicotine, in some cases, safer.

Totally safe experts, E-cigarettes do not hold, however. The long-term effects of E-cigarettes are still unclear, because they are still not as long on the market. Poor ingredients, impurities, or new product features sought could increase the health risks, says Henkler-Stephani. In the case of powerful “Subohm” models were, for example, up to 400 milliliters of Chemikaliendampfs directly into the lungs. The impact are still largely unexplored.

“E-cigarettes are not a miracle cure,” says Mons. E-cigarettes do not bring long-all the way from the Smoking. However, for many years of Smoking, not get rid of their Addiction, could E-cigarettes be an Alternative. “The Ideal is of course to stop completely and not start,” says Mons.