Like us, the colleagues are more nervous

Live Smarter #6 – What is Mathias in Stress with colleagues helps

A 40-hour work week can feel very long – especially when in the office again, bad mood prevails. Because the colleague greets never, the Boss comes too late and everything is always up for a hang? It is also different and could be so easy. With a little more communication, for example.

“The basic problem is that everyone believes to know how to correct co-operation: How did you hold a Meeting, to how you greet yourself to work like and so on. But there is no one truth”, says Mathias Fischedick. He is a job coach and is trying to provide more fun at work. Or, at least, for less of a dispute in the office.

And although it feels almost as if the others are to blame, he advises: “Reflecting on yourself! If a colleague annoys me, is the only that has a different idea on how the cooperation goes. This is not to say that the is better or worse than mine.”

Awareness can be the first step to the solution, because mutual understanding is the prerequisite for this is that the work can function in a Team. “This is a point that is often misunderstood: to Understand is not right. And if I want you to understand, you can be sure that you are also more likely to show interest in me,” says Fischedick.

Of course it will come but still back problems. How do we solve conflicts in the office? What helps with bullying? And how Meetings feel finally useful?

The answers are there in the new episode of the “Smarter life”.

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