Man grow after intake of drug-Boobs – eight billion dollars in damages

The psycho-pharmakum Risperdal is used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. Now, a man accused the U.S. pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, were grown of Breasts. He complained and got right: The group must pay him eight billion dollars (about 7.3 billion euros) in damages due to the lack of information about the side effects. A Grand jury in the US has decided the state of Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Johnson & Johnson immediately announced to appeal and described the judgment as “absolutely disproportionate” and “unjustified”.

The company was “confident that the justice will be tilted”. In fact, it is in the USA is quite common that such high damages, judgments be revised in higher instances or be greatly reduced. When it comes to legal decisions, in which businesses are required to pay the plaintiffs money, pass often years.

Tens of thousands of lawsuits against the group

In the current case, a Jury had awarded to the plaintiff already in 2015, a compensation of $ 1.75 billion, which was later reduced to 680 000$. It was first, but only to the regular compensation. Now the jury had to decide on the so-called punitive damages that can be imposed in U.S. law, as an additional sanction in particularly serious cases. Here it is again and again that high penalties will be afterwards considered by judges to be disproportionate and reduced.

So is the case for Johnson & Johnson, however, controversial, since the group is faced with more than ten thousand similar lawsuits. The pharmaceutical giant is accustomed to legal Trouble. Even with the wave of lawsuits against the companies that have contributed with addictive pain medications-for-Opioid-crisis and drug epidemic in the United States do, the company is from New Brunswick in the state of New Jersey is one of the accused. In addition, it will have to face many lawsuits due to the alleged cancer risks of care by using “Baby Powder”.

Risperdal is approved in the US since 1993 and has achieved revenues in the amount of approximately 737 million dollars.

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