Market check and Stiftung Warentest: glasses from Online opticians, good-for-nothing – Video

The SWR”market check” and the test come to the same conclusion: progressive glasses from Online opticians are substandard and can even cause headaches. An optometrist warns against the purchase of Spectacles by the click of a mouse.

Whether at Mister Spex, Brille24 or unfriendyou – many of their glasses on order now at the Online optician. But be careful: you varifocals from the network are often inadequate and can even be bad for the eyes. This is the result of a Test of the SWR, consumer and business magazine “market check”.

“Market check” has ever ordered a bifocals in the case of the four largest Online-providers: Mister Spex, Brille24, and unfriendyou. The cheapest model there was for 174 Euro in the case of Brille24, the most expensive at a cost of 249 euros and came from Both providers work together, such as Mister Spex partner optician, so the testers were able to let their Sehwerte on-the-spot check. Mister Spex has now also its own branches, in which, optician, eye tests perform. In the case of unfriendyou, buyers must communicate their values without Test online.

Glasses from Online opticians can trigger a headache

But with or without eye test: none of the suppliers of the glasses was centered correctly. At the Center determine opticians about the pupillary distance and eye height. The values do not match, this can have serious consequences, such as optician, Hans-Jürgen Strobl turned over to the testers. His conclusion to one of the glasses: “At close range, the other can’t always see only one eye sharp. The brain tries then to compensate for that but it works. These glasses are not to be permanent and portable."

The Stiftung Warentest says: “Depending on the glasses already less than a Millimeter of deviation can produce a bad Look or a headache.” In a recent investigation, among other things, with Mister Spex, Brille24 and unfriendyou it comes to the same result as “market check”: the quality of The glasses evaluate the product testers all just “satisfactory”. However, when centering the verdict is only “sufficient”.