Measles vaccination: What the new legislation means for us

The Federal Cabinet has brought the law for a measles vaccination on the way. Especially daycare and school children will have to be compulsory vaccinated. We will tell you what is the meaning of the new regulation in Detail.

There was a long discussion about the legal measles comes-vaccination. In the case of children there are in the future, as well as no exceptions. Also some groups of adults need to get vaccinated or prove that you are immune to the measles. The provisions in detail:

When is the vaccination and for whom?

Starting in March of next year. Upon admission to the nursery or school parents for their children to have the vaccination. For children who are in Kindergarten or in the school, you must no later than 31. July 2021 to be shown that they are vaccinated or the measles already had.

Vaccination is also for educators in day-care centres, for teachers, day carers and for Workers in medical and other “community facilities”. This holiday camp or asylum and refugee accommodation. Also, residents of such facilities must be vaccinated or prove that you are immune.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes. Anyone who is not able to prove with a medical certificate, a vaccination for health reasons it is advisable, therefore, contraindicated, is exempt from the vaccination. In addition, are exempt prior to 1970, Born of the vaccination, as they would largely be immune because they have had the measles, most likely.

Day care centers may no longer accept unvaccinated children

What happens to those who do not adhere to the vaccination?

Day-care centres, schools and other institutions in which the vaccination must Impfsäumige to the health Department report. The then decides on the further procedure, and may impose, in extreme cases, fines of up to 2500 euros. Day care centers may no longer accept unvaccinated children in the future. Also against the institutions fines can be imposed if you keep to the vaccination.

How do I vaccination or immunity?

On the Vaccination card, the yellow child examination booklet or medical certificate. Anyone who is not sure whether he is vaccinated or not, can also do a blood test. If antibodies are detected, you had the measles, either, and is therefore immune, or you have already been vaccinated.

When in doubt, should also adults once again prefer to vaccinate, advises the Standing Committee on vaccination (STIKO). For infectious diseases, the competent Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) in accordance with the 1970-born adult large gaps.

Measles are not a harmless childhood disease

I have to take my child for vaccination extra in a full doctor’s practice for Kids?

No. Vaccination should in the future be the same for all Doctors, except dentists possible.

Why are measles classified as so dangerous?

When Infected, the immune system is weakened, it can lead to complications such as middle ear and lung inflammation. Rarely, it also comes to brain inflammation, which can be fatal. Measles are not a harmless childhood disease, says the RKI.

In the case of 1000 Patients there is a death in the family. Sometimes the disease results only after years of death, such as in the measles-encephalitis SSPE – those who get it in infancy from measles, is particularly at risk.

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