More than 600 deaths to Ebola outbreak in Congo

More than 600 people have died in the East of the Congo already to Ebola. So far, the North would have been in the province of Kivu is 960 people with the dangerous Virus, said the Congolese Ministry of health. Around 300 people were healed after the treatment under the strictest safety precautions. Since August, some 90,000 people received in the Region of in addition, an experimental vaccine against Ebola, as the Ministry stated on Monday evening.

The number of new Infections was last dropped significantly. For this reason, the world health organization (WHO) hopes to get the epidemic within the next six months under control. The outbreak in North Kivu is the second heaviest of the dangerous disease. In the case of the most serious epidemic in West Africa, more than 11,000 people came 2014/2015 killed.

Population in the Congo distrusted helpers

In the unstable zone in the East of the Congo, several armed groups are active, a lot of places are, therefore, for the helper is not accessible. The population is set the helpers to many of the enemy. This is partly due to a long-standing distrust of the authorities, as well as the fact that helpers may occur due to the precarious security situation and partly military.