Mozambique confirms first Cholera cases

Just two weeks after the devastation caused by cyclone “Idai” are suffering in Mozambique, the first people to Cholera. So far, five cases had been confirmed, said a representative of the Ministry of health on Wednesday. Accordingly, the Patients come from the destroyed large Parts of the port city of Beira and the adjoining areas.

“Idai” was on 15. March across Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi pulled away and was accompanied by torrential rain, devastating Floods triggered. In Mozambique and Zimbabwe, more than 700 people died according to official figures, the actual number is likely to be helpers found to be significantly higher.

The world health organization (WHO) announced that it plans to bring in 900,000 doses of the vaccine against Cholera in Mozambique. In Beira, three treatment centers would be built, said the WHO Director in Mozambique on Tuesday. In the case of Cholera is a severe diarrhoeal disease caused by bacteria. Contaminated water causes is one of the main.

Also the threat of Malaria and typhoid

Given the lack of drinking water and the poor sanitation situation in the disaster areas, experts fear next to Cholera – typhoid fever-diseases. In the anywhere standing water can breed also, mosquitoes are extremely fast, which transmit Malaria. Helpers have already reported an increase in cases.

In order to improve the supply of drinking water, the German Federal Agency for Technical relief (THW) currently, two water treatment plants in Beira in operation. The volunteers tested the quality of the water, THW. The plant can recycle up to 10,000 litres of water per hour.

Overall, it was flooded as a result of the cyclone a more than 3,100-square-mile area, according to the world food programme (WFP). Accordingly, the disaster affects approximately three million people; around 500,000 of them have lost their homes. Alone in Mozambique destroyed the storm and floods, the harvest on 400,000 hectares of Land.