Not a few say, I have no Bock more: nurse calls for more help

They work around the clock and embark voluntarily in contact with Corona-patients – the talk is of Germany’s nurses and carers. You are one of the essential pillars for curbing the pandemic. Doctors and nurses were “in this fight in the front line“, – assured the Chancellor, in one of her speeches: “What you are doing is tremendous, and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

The nurses get these days applause from the balconies, will receive a thank you letter via social networks, sometimes even referred to as a hero. Many of the Participants do not want to, however. They are calling instead of just one: finally, better working conditions.

One of the most prominent critics of the health care system Alexander Jorde is. He was widely known, as he confronted 2017 in the ARD election arena, Angela Merkel, with the nursing shortage. And even now, in the middle of the corona of crisis, he shows himself to be in conversation with the star – critical: “Just be transparent, which in the last 25 years, went wrong.” (click here to read the full Interview)

Alexander Jorde

"I’m going to from day-to-day wütender" as Germany’s most famous nurses experienced the corona crisis

“The deal with is irresponsible, and hardly”

Jorde works as a nurse in an intensive care unit in Hannover, “for weeks, exclusively with Covid-19-patients”, he says in the star-Interview. When two patients come in, as a rule, a nurse – so he was still well off, as he stresses. “On other stations, one nurse cares for four patients, or because staff have been repealed under the limits, some even more. This is irresponsible and can barely cope.”

In the starinterview he criticizes the recent draft laws, such as the nurses and other medical staff in the emergency use required to be able to. “This is, in my view, nothing more than forced labour. Our rights are increasingly being lifted. Not a few members have to say now: I’m‘ as not in the mood anymore.” More and more colleagues at all the other Jobs around to other Places, for the understandable.

You work in care? Then you can write to us at [email protected] as you experience the corona crisis

Jordes claim is clear: “Although we supposedly live in such a good health system, we have, in European comparison, one of the worst personnel key. What we need is a needs-based health care. We need to use money where it is useful: in the case of the professionals. And not for the rate of return of private companies.”

What is Alexander Jorde is also critical of the German care system, why he can read the announced awards and financial bonuses in the corona of a crisis is not sufficient and how a better health system, in his view, would be financially unsustainable, in the complete Interview.

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