Parents break off Chemo for cancer sick child, treat it with Cannabis and end up in court

The parents of a three year old, cancer sick boy from Florida must allow the chemotherapy for their son. A court in the US has decided to state how the American media consistently report. The parents of the to lymphocytic leukemia-suffering child, had been canceled out of fear of the side effects of the therapy and an alternative treatment started. As the life of the three-year-old was at risk ended up the case before the court.

The parents had tried to treat her son with medical Cannabis, homeopathy, vitamin therapy and an alkaline diet. During the trial, Doctors have warned strongly that these methods are not suitable to defeat the cancer. Without the chemotherapy had to be assumed that the Boy will die in a short period of time.

Cancer: chemotherapy must go on

The judge ruled, therefore, that the chemotherapy must be continued for at least the first Phase of the therapy. It was free to the parents, however, use alternative medicine. Medical Cannabis, for example, in Florida, is legal and can not be administered to children in the Form of drops, but psycho-active. After 28 days, the spell of the court, to be decided about the further therapy.

Although the three-year floats according to the Doctors life is in danger, did the parents disappointed in the judge’s decision. By the case, a discussion on the rights of the parents and the patients has been initiated in the United States. This is not least because the parents of the child with cancer had travelled after termination of the chemotherapy in another state and therefore temporarily deprived of their parental rights. The Boy currently lives with his grandparents.

Most common leukemia type in under 14-Year-old

The acute lymphatic leukemia is the most common leukemia in children. In the process, the white blood cells multiply rapidly and uncontrollably and do not Mature into functional cells. In Germany, approximately 450 children under 14 years are diagnosed annually.

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