Rather be dead than broke? The debate over a loosening of the measures is irresponsible

Donald Trump coined the phrase, of the power since the days of the round: “The solution should not be worse than the Problem.” The overwhelmed U.S. President wanted to emphasize that the need to go public and – especially – the economic life soon. Whether or not it would be great if at Easter the churches in the whole country jam-Packed with people would be talking about Trump in a Moment of mental derangement, in Corona times a little more likely to happen than in the previous three years of his presidency.

Now, the return to normality is no more than a pious wish in a country that, since Thursday, the majority of with the novel Coronavirus infected people in the world; in a country whose health will break the system with a probability bordering on certainty under the pandemic together; in a country whose medical care a leading industrial nation is not worthy of it.

The Generation that only knows about turbo-capitalism, from does not have a two weeks Lockdown

Because of badasses like the 69-year-old Dan Patrick, Vice-Governor in Texas, can do nothing, even if they were to give in the truest sense of the word: The Republicans did not want to accept the restrictive measures against the spread of the Virus any longer, he shouted, at “Fox News”, and asked him no one, whether he would not be willing to give his life for his children, his grandchildren, his good old America: “If that’s the Deal I’m definitely ready for it – and I think there are a lot of grandparents like me.”

Coronavirus in the United States

Seniors in the US economy victims? Texas Deputy-Governor, with Expressions of excitement

The Trumps, and Patrick’s starting to nag just anywhere in the world, and so they trigger in a fragile atmosphere a completely irresponsible discussion. The Generation that knows nothing other than the turbo-capitalism that has for decades enriched, lasts not even two weeks in Lockdown.

You can not imagine that your old, white world for much longer at a standstill, enduring, and you would prefer to give life (your,, or – even better – the lives of others), to those of the world to preserve them, as thinking about joint solutions for a time after the crisis to make. Instead, they put relatively bluntly, the claim that it would be better to be dead than broke.

It’s a matter of life and death – and then only to the economy

Also in Germany the debate about a possible Exit is flared up strategies after a good week in a state of emergency so violently that German Chancellor Angela Merkel looked to be urged just an announcement in an unusual clarity: It is much too early to speak of an easing of the measures to contain the Corona of a pandemic. She wanted to say “very clear” that at this moment not the time to talk about that, said the Chancellor.

Three Scenarios

Economic versus health – how do we get out from the corona of a crisis again?

By a Flattening of the curve can also be in Germany for a long speech and if we don’t want the whole disaster extends over a much longer period of time than we can imagine him now at all, we should stop and the existential Concerns and needs to the relationship set: It comes to the health of all people, it’s a matter of life and death.

In the second line, the economic consequences of the crisis. Because up to a few crisis profiteers we are all affected by the crisis, so can, and will, and it must be after solutions. All have to make compromises, to set the System in motion again. But what if we were made aware of the fact that we are all together on a sinking ship, we will be able to get the rescue boats to each other to divide appropriately.

“The conflict between freedom and health”

This may sound naive, but it is fact. Above all, it is a comforting thought in times of uncertainty. Not the Trumps or the Patricks would be because just. People like the management consultant Reinhard K. Sprenger, criticized in an Interview with the business magazine “Capital” that the government is in the Corona-hear crisis to the virologists and consequence of significant damage of the Shutdown policy would not be there. In the long term, this could lead to more deaths, it paints Sprenger the capitalist devil on the wall.

Food supply

The boards feel the corona of a crisis – is less and less food to land for the Poorest of the society

Sprenger considers it an Alternative, only risk groups are solid in your freedom of movement – “people of my age, for example,” and the Rest “in a smart and controlled way by diseases”. You have to allow “the conflict between freedom and health, between the Survival of the Ancient and the future of the young”. So cynical you can argue once.

“Our entire System is dependent on people working, the companies that produce the taxes that are paid,” says Sprenger, and it seems that the Generation of Boomer wanted to leave this System at any price for their children and grandchildren to worry supposedly so,.

Apocalyptic analyses of the Situation

That you cause with your apocalyptic analysis of the Situation in the affected group and the younger population, even more Stress in the days, in which it would be actually so important to have the Hand on the pulse at rest, but they don’t care.

Lung Disease Covid-19

Doctors in Germany are bracing for shortage of intensive care beds: Who is ventilated?

Because, in principle, is true: The solution must not be worse than the Problem. But the fear of financial consequences, before a collapse of the economy, the fear that the wheel will eventually slow down, turn, could, has, however, only the Problem is given.

So the solution must not be worse than the Problem. But you must not be forced prematurely, and you may never be at the expense of the health, as long as we are in the fight against the spread of a novel, for a long time has not been sufficiently investigated Virus. Otherwise, the Problem is solved, namely sometime of alone. But certainly not as Sprenger or Patrick or Trump the present.

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