Self urine therapy

The self-urine therapy (also called auto-urine therapy) is one of the irritation and retuning therapies. Similar to the autologous blood therapy, is to serve one’s own urine to rekindle in the body a stimulus, then a response of the immune system, it is to be expected. Is applied in the therapy of the urine, either internally, externally, or as an injection.

Table of contents

  • Internal Use
  • One’s own urine as an injection
  • External Application

Understandably, many people react with disgust to the idea of drinking your own urine, or to have it in a syringe, even if only in the smallest of quantities, inject. This is one of the reasons that the self-urine therapy is still very controversial. Your opponent does not believe in the effect of a substance that is excreted from the body. Add to this that there is a healing effect of the self-urine therapy are, as yet, no scientific evidence. This lack, however, in the case of many therapies from the field of Naturopathy and alternative medicine, what must not mean, that they act. Many therapists that use this method, do so with success, and rely on the many years of positive experiences from the self-urine therapy.

The self-urine therapy as a complementary or alternative medical method. Only a few health insurances cover the treatment costs.

History of the self-urine therapy

Thousands of years ago, the own urine of many primitive peoples has been used for diagnosis and also for treatment. The Indians used the self-urine therapy, for example, to rid the body of contaminated materials. The famous Greek physician Hippocrates (460 – 375 BC), worked with this form of therapy and used the healing powers of urine. In the twentieth century, the Englishman John Armstrong was the self-urine therapy. He cured, thus, in the self-test its own lung disease (tuberculosis), which was then actually considered to be incurable.

Effect of the self-urine therapy

According to the opinion of the Supporters of the self-urine therapy, this analgesic, antispasmodic, immune-stimulating and engages regulator in the hormonal system.

Urine contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, and sodium, in addition, vitamins, amino acids, hormones and enzymes. These are leads in the case of oral administration or an injection to the body again. As a result, a stimulus is triggered, which will cause the body to react with a so-called stimulus response. So the immune system should be stimulated, so stimulated, and a variety of diseases can better fight it. When applied externally, should be encouraged, especially in the wound healing of the skin.

Before he gets to the outside, is urine actually a nearly sterile substance. It has anti-septic and anti-viral properties that can be used in the treatment. A Patient or a patient takes medication, such as, for example, antibiotics or glucocorticoids, the effect is canceled. Of own urine, of course, contains also so-called toxic (poisonous) substances, which occur especially in the case of diseases. However, the proponents of the indoor and proponents of this therapy that these strengthen the immune system and the production of IgE and IgA to stimulate. This are immunoglobulins that are in the body as a so-called antibody responsible for immunity. During a bladder infection or other urinary tract infection is however, discouraged of one’s own urine therapy.

Implementation of the self-urine therapy

Here is a short explanation of how the various forms of the self-urine therapy are carried out.

Internal Use

The inner application of the self-urine therapy provides for a gargle, inhalation, enema, use as the ears or nose drops, as well as the Drink. To this end, the daily, morning midstream urine collected in a vessel and, for example, on an empty stomach to drink. The internal revenue of the Eigenurins is recommended as a treatment over a minimum of four weeks. The doses will be continuously increased, for example, of 0.5 deciliter to two deciliters per day.

Also for the manufacture of a homeopathic remedy of one’s own urine can be used. For this, he must first be raised to the power of. Potentiation means that a substance is diluted in this case, the urine, with water, and then shaken in steps. According to the homeopathic principles this should give the substance a higher effectiveness. The potentisation is done according to set rules. Also, the potentiated one’s own urine is used for oral administration, drops. How often a drop is taken and how long the therapy lasts, they should check with a homeopathy, and the self-urine therapy and experienced practitioner or an experienced Practitioner, clarified.

One’s own urine as an injection

Before the urine is supplied to the body through an injection, must be filtered out of this sterile or with alcohol added. Usually substances such as procaine or lidocaine are added. Then an injection of extremely small amounts (0.1 to 1.0 milliliters) in the muscle or under the skin. The treatment is carried out at a distance of two to three days over a period of about four to six weeks.

External Application

For external application of one’s own urine is applied undiluted on the skin, or in poultices and baths.

When does the self urine therapy?

The internal use, the majority of people, it takes quite a bit of Overcoming. The disgust in front of your own urine therefore is many of the application. To do this, we can say, however, that the urine of a healthy person is usually sterile and hygienic.

The self-urine therapy is supposed to help against rheumatism, gastro-intestinal diseases, infectious diseases, skin diseases and respiratory diseases. It has been the internal revenue the most successful course of treatment in these diseases.

Is re-injected own urine frequently in bronchial Asthma, and pollen Allergy and hay fever applied.

Externally, one’s own urine is used in various skin diseases and joint complaints. The therapy is supposed to help against athlete’s foot, sunburn, and warts. Also, a General itching, and Cellulite can be mitigated. The urine is applied, the skin or the joints are supplied with envelopes and in the case of athlete’s foot of one’s own urine is enriched foot bath.


People diseases high blood pressure, Diabetes, cancer, or an overactive thyroid condition should not perform any self-urine therapy. Also of the use in acute febrile diseases, severe cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the kidney and the liver is not recommended.

Side effects of self-urine therapy

Because of the lack of purity of the urine or contamination with bacteria and viruses, it can come in one’s own urine therapy to side effects such as diarrhea, Nausea and vomiting, headache, and fatigue. Lack of Hygiene or present infections play here often as the cause of the side effects a crucial role. For this reason, patients should consider prior to the start of the therapy first, a naturopath, a naturopath, a doctor, or a Doctor. The treatment should be carried out in the framework of a naturopathic therapy in a local medical practitioner, or a naturopath, to avoid unwanted complications. (sw, kh)

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