Slim and fit on the chip card

Diseases due to improper diet, costs the statutory health insurance funds about a third of their expenditure. In order to save costs, to propagate the coffers of the programs for Slimming that you subsidise, in most cases.

Allowed: According to article 20 of the social code book health insurance own course and consulting offerings go, the participation in courses is supported financially and their members with bonus points reward.

Slimming via the App – with Eckart von hirschhausen,

With intermittent fasting, Eckart took von hirschhausen ten kilograms of – and coined the term of “Hirschhausen diet”. Now there is the success of the program also available as an App. It combines the proven method of interval fasting with a Coaching of Germany’s best-known doctor.

The App for “Hirschhausen-diet” offers:

Click here for the App

What is offered by your health insurance, learn in the local office. You may also folk high schools, sports clubs, or fitness center for preparedness courses, which are funded by the health insurance companies advertise. Demand is worthwhile, because an individual grant for a self-selected offer is possible.

Funds reimburse 75 percent of the course fee

Nationwide, the statutory health insurance companies, nutrition courses, as well as combined nutrition-Fitness programs on-site: The Deutsche Angestellten-Krankenkasse (DAK), and the Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse (AOK) to provide about a Online Coaching for weight loss. Company health insurance funds (BKK), particularly those that are closely tied to your company, provide healthy canteen food or sport support offers on-the-job. The 15 German employees health insurance (DAK) to local course offerings to nutrition and Fitness, usually in collaboration with local providers, for example community colleges.

For such a course in the case of third-party the small funds that do not have their own offers out there, by the way, as well as to cash grants. For a nutrition course, for example, with ten double-hours, you will have to pay up to 120 euros. Of the funds, 75 euros will be reimbursed, provided that they can demonstrate that they were at least 80 percent of the time. 45 Euro, you would have to take to stay.

In all of the reputable programs, you will learn a new style of Life. No cash in today’s world, would promote a Crash diet or five months of cabbage soup. The state requires that the programs of the evidence. This means that The participants need to stay after attending such a course, in the long term slimmer.

Premiums for the gym

In addition to the Fund’s own Decreasing, you can make use of programs as a member of a statutory health insurance, the bonus of the funds. You can badges even offers credited, which was not invented by the cashier: nutrition classes and discussions, sports, gym membership. For all of the premiums. The view of the cash offer is worth it.

What is not worthwhile in the rule: to go for good deals and the cashier. Who earns 3000 euros and a simple checkout with a 12.5 percent contribution rate in a large Fund with a comprehensive range of additional service, and 14.5 percent changes, pay monthly € 60 more. On the free market, there are cheaper deals – not least, of course, the star-Slimming-Coach for less than 15 euros per month: cared for and tested.

In most of the Slimming programmes of the statutory health insurance funds, the number of appointments is not enough, however, to the healthy lifestyle permanently to maintain – since it just helps to stay on track. The courses are worthwhile but especially for people who are learning in the group better.

More on the topic of healthy you will find weight loss even in the case of our Partner

Quality Check

The independent food information service aid has compiled a check list that will help them to serious decline offers of miracle-working Nepp-diets and yo – yo driving a radical treatments can disconnect.

Nutritionally appropriate weight reduction programs are headed by qualified personnel, the dieticians, Oekotrophologen or nutritional medicine. Of course should a new Ess, and life to impart style and the aspects of movement and relaxation into account. Pure counting calories or irrevocable prohibitions such as “do not eat potatoes” are not enough. Rather, the recommended diet variety should be rich and personal likes and dislikes allow it. The program should aim to reduce the weight slowly, that is: a maximum of two to three kilograms per month. It is also important that the course includes information to Weight.

Dubious offers you can tell you that several of the following characteristics apply:


Lose weight with pleasure

In addition to numerous local Offered to the General local sickness funds (AOK) have also remote-supported courses in the program. So that you can remove individually.


The supervised weight – loss and exercise programme of the AOK takes into account nutritional guidelines, which aim especially to save on the Fat. Participants will receive a training manual with tips and information for losing weight and a fat table. Support you by Post, E-Mail and telephone.


A minimum of six months up to a maximum of twelve months.


AOK members have to pay 44,90 euros, which will be refunded in case of regular attendance. Insured by other health insurance plans pay 79,90 Euro.


The program meets academic requirements in the case of mild Obesity, i.e. a Body Mass Index of 25 to 29.9. People with diabetes are admitted for medical examination.

Lose weight with pleasure online

Tech-savvy people can since 1. In March 2013, the program “lose weight with pleasure” and online. In terms of content, it is similar to the classic course, supplemented by forums, Chats, and information in the Form of Videos. The accompaniment is also done online. In addition, there are a large recipe database.

Barmer GEK

M. O. B. I. L. I. S

The Barmer GEK offers a special program for severely Obese. Thus, the Fund supplemented its bonus programs and local course funding.


The in-depth and elaborate program is regarded as a Premium offering with a therapeutic claim. Behind it is the non-profit M. O. B. I. L. I. S. e. V. the project was Initiated ten years ago by scientists at the University of Freiburg and the German sport University in Cologne. The course is aimed at severely Obese with at least one additional risk factor, such as hypertension or Diabetes.


a year.


The participation fee is 785 Euro. The Barmer GEK reports to its members 685 Euro, if they have at least participated in three-quarters of the meetings. The course is open to all. For people who are not insured with the Barmer GEK, is an individual decision of the Fund about possible subsidies required.


M. O. B. I. L. I. S is a complex, multidisciplinary program for people whose Body mass Index exceeds 30. The course provides the sports, change in Diet, psychological counseling and medical monitoring. Highly qualified Teams to manage the program.

M. O. B. I. L. I. S. light

Type: So is the Mini-version of the course for slightly Overweight.


The program runs for three months during which to complete the Participating 14 course units.


120 Euro the registration fee is. The 75-Euro-refund rule is if you have taken 80 percent of the appointments.


M. O. B. I. L. I. S. light offers ten course units to exercise plus four units of food. For people with a Body mass Index of 25 to 29.9, the program is well suited.


EAT Mail

The Deutsche Angestellten Krankenkasse (DAK) has an Internet-based diet program in the offer.


EAT-Mail is an Online Coach that is organized either in weekly or bi-weekly lessons. The aim of the course is on healthy food to change – will decrease you almost inevitably. The goal planner, the participants can use it in addition, helps to formulate personal goals and to achieve them step for step. There is also an SMS Service that reminds you of training units and target dates.


A minimum of 14 lessons, if you want to lose weight.


The DAK-Gesundheit pays the costs for the participants. The DAK-insured-health after regular participation bonus points.


EAT-Mail is full of meaning and of the Stiftung Warentest recently positively rated Training. The focus is to change the eating behavior permanently.

Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)

Diet coach online

The technician health insurance (TK) is a pioneer in the care for via the Internet. She offers Coaching in several variations: TK-members can get a lot of Feedback and suggestions for your individual weight – loss or Fitness-way.


The nutrition coach is a long-time Online program with a lot of variety, he offers a recipe database with more than 12000 entries.


With his siblings in the “fitness coach”, “walking coach”, “anti-stress coach” and “burnout coach” is he suitable for continuous use. There is no Limit, but to a new life style to lose plenty of fat, should stay for at least several months.


The program is free of charge. Members need to log in. For the participation points for the TK bonus programme. Non-members can use the service and register free of charge. The use is then limited in time.


The program has been the Foundation of the test were classified as “fully recommendable”. The food concept is in line with the current findings for the slightly Overweight.

The prices of all health insurance companies

Slimming, but with reason

The program “lose weight – but with reason,” from the Institute for therapy research, Munich, Germany (IFT) was developed many years ago together with the Federal centre for health education (BzgA). In principle, it can be of all statutory health insurance is funded. Many of the funds to support it routinely, or are co-organizers of courses.


The group course with eight to 15 participants includes training sessions on nutrition, movement and behavior.


about a year and a half.


You do the course in the community College, to drop 120 euros charges, one of which, the funds reimburse 80 percent of the duration of participation is routinely 75 Euro.


The instructor will continue, therefore, the programs are to be considered as well. The content can always be adapted to the state of the research. The program meets the current Standards of the German society for nutrition.

I’ll take it

The program “I’m taking down” the German society for nutrition (DGE) as a self-help Manual designed. It relies on long-term behavior change and combines Diet with exercise and relaxation. Many statutory health insurance funds, promote the program generally, or are co-organizers of courses.


The course is an ongoing training program for individual behavior change. It is offered as individual or group training. Trained nutrition professionals in your area, you can find here.


At least three months are necessary to prepare the conditions for a new nutrition style.


The DGE-materials cost 35 euros, the course prices can vary depending on the place different. You must attend at least 80 percent of the dates, so that the Fund will reimburse you for 75 Euro.


“I’m down” is a well-designed, effective behavior training. It corresponds to the current nutritional and psychological findings. Up to a Body mass Index of 35 for people without comorbidities, it is recommended. Most of the health insurance funds, the program has long been recognized.

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