Squatting is healthier than sitting

Sitting for hours is not healthy, because the researchers agree. It might, however, depend on the type of sitting: members of a people in Tanzania who live as hunters and gatherers, sitting daily as we fall ill but less likely to chronic diseases. This could be due to the fact that they are sitting on chairs, but kneel, or squat.

The way people rest, could influence the risk for various diseases: Sitting muscle requires hardly any activity. Kneeling or crouching could be a healthier Alternative, such as a Team from the University of California has found.

Hadza, an ethnic group of hunters and gatherers in Tanzania, will spend about nine to ten hours per day sitting – as people in Western countries. You don’t suffer but in the typical chronic diseases associated with prolonged Sitting. This could be, according to scientists, remember that you rest in a different way: "The Hadza often rest postures in the body, in which your muscles have a low level of activity to maintain &ndash need to get; either in the squat or in the Knien", Prof. David Raichlen said.

Squat and knees requires more muscle power

The researchers studied how much energy are for the different rest positions is required. Raichlen suspected: "Sitting on an office chair requires less muscle activity than Crouching or kneeling. Since light muscle training requires a lot of energy, what to Burn, in General, of fats means that are Crouching and kneeling may not be as harmful as Sitting on chairs." Apart from the other rest positions, the Hadza were more than an hour a day being physically active, and thus exceeded the local recommendations for exercise more than three times.