Sunburn treat properly: This really helps

In the case of a sunburn, the skin burns like fire, is bright red and sometimes she even throws bubbles. Quick help is important. Cold, Quark, ointments, and acetylsalicylic acid (Asa) can soothe the skin.

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The year-long campaign for a cautious approach to the sun have at least partially used. Most of you know, that crispy brown skin is not healthy – quite the opposite. Prolonged sun exposure can cause various symptoms, such as blistering and burning skin.

As a result, the upper can be damaged skin and in the worst case, long-term skin damage. Most people know that you should protect your skin and use sun creams. But often that is not enough. Anyone who remains too long in the sun or even during the radiation-intensive lunch hours in the direct sun light stop, risking a sunburn.

Sunburn and skin damage caused by UV rays

Dangerous, is that the Overdose of sun prepares initially, i.e. during the parasol, mountaineering, Cycling is often a lack of complaints. Only five to six hours later, in the evening or in the night, begins the skin to redden and hurt.

The reason for this: “UV-radiation, especially the short-wavelength, high-energy UVB rays, apply to the top layer of the skin and the cells pour out in a result of inflammatory messengers,” says John Ring, a former Director of the clinic and polyclinic for dermatology and Allergology at Biederstein in Munich, Germany.

To this inflammatory process, as a sunburn can see and feel is, it takes a few hours. Depending on the specification dermatologists from the sun to the brand level one can distinguish with a slight reddening of the skin and level two with additional bubble formation. Best offer on

Cool after Tanning – but do not overdo it

“It goes to the treatment, make many of the errors, see if the sunburn is bad, or whether it remains at the redness painting”, says John Ring. He recommends that at the first signs of 1000 milligrams of acetylsalicylic acid (Asa). “That slows down the chemical messengers that trigger inflammation.” This measure, however, only applies in the case of the first symptoms.

Makes sense, in any case, to cool the skin. Cold relieves pain and inhibits inflammation. “Some, however, make the mistake, according to the principle ‘a lot helps a lot’ a cool pack from the fridge or the freezer on the sun to set fire,” says the expert. However, this is to cold and from sunburn, frostbite.

Better: Cold compresses with fresh Linen sheets, which were in cool water wounds. “We treat our patients with a pronounced sunburn,” reports Johannes Ring from the clinic. In addition, you should drink a lot, because the skin loses due to the sun burn a lot of liquid.

Home remedies like cottage cheese and yogurt out of the fridge are also recommended – but not because of their ingredients, but because of the gentle Cool, the donations of the dairy products. Medicinal plants such as Aloe Vera or chamomile are due to its anti-inflammatory effect is useful. “However, some people react allergic,” warns dermatologist.

Rapid relief hydrocortisone lotions and gels, there are over-the-counter in the pharmacy. The redness is very pronounced and hurts the skin, sores and/or fever, should go to the Affected to the doctor, the stronger acting medications.

Careful handling of the sun

Usually subsides after a week of sunburn. During this time, it is important to avoid the sun and after more careful to deal with it. “Emotionally, make the most of the right,” says John Ring. He recommends, in General, to better enjoy the mild evening sun and to avoid between eleven and 16 at the sun.

These precautions along with proper clothing (hat, at least half-sleeved T-Shirt and semi-long pants) and a sun cream with a high sun protection factor avoid sunburn and prevent skin cancer. Because this is now for sure: To the intense UV-radiation changed the DNA of the cells so that they can mutate and form tumors.