The Charité is Germany’s best hospital

The Charité in Berlin is the best hospital in Germany. This is the result of a methodologically broad-based study by the market research company, Statista, the star published. The largest weight in the Ranking of 150 clinics have recommendations of Doctors and other medical experts from Germany and around the world. To the top group with lots of positive assessments by specialists of the University clinics in Heidelberg, Germany (2nd place), Hamburg-Eppendorf (3rd place), the University and the technical University of Munich and the Hannover Medical school include.


Service, staff, expert judgment – these are the 150 best hospitals in Germany

The Charité has made recently, especially by the Director at the Institute for Virology, Christian Drosten, attention. The hospital study was, however, already been completed before the Corona pandemic. Regardless of the current development of the University clinics of the points apparently with their proximity to research and the competence of the staff.

The Ranking is based on three pillars. The most important thing is an online survey of professionals (Peer-to-Peer method). Doctors, healthcare professionals and hospital managers were asked for recommendations. 5000 experts from Germany were invited to participate from September to November 2019, more, also, international experts were able to log in. The Mail addresses of all participants have been verified. Evaluated 1450 hospitals with at least 100 beds. The result of 7000 individual assessments for 641 hospitals.

The second column is the data for patient satisfaction, will be collected from health insurance companies. The third column are the medical indicators. A part of the hospitals for their quality collect reports themselves. In addition, routine data were used for quality assurance, recycling, AOK. From the reports it is possible to see how often it comes to complications. The indicators and the results of patient satisfaction were collected from October to December 2019.

The complete Ranking can be read in the new star , or here at the star

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