The court sentenced parents, because they have fed their daughter a strict vegan diet

Because of the strict vegan diet of his little daughter, and one of the parents has been sentenced a couple from Australia to 300 hours of community service. A prison sentence, the 33-year-old mother and the 35-year-old father in front of the court were in Sydney so. The two of them had fed her Baby in the first one and a half years of life strictly without meat or other food from animals. Instead, the girls got fruit, oatmeal, potatoes, rice, Tofu, bread, peanut butter and rice milk.

The child was then developed only as far as normal infants at the age of three months. With 19 months, it still had no teeth and weighed five kilograms. The case was only known as the girl with cramps and had to go to the hospital. Mother and father were in the process pleaded guilty to the child, and in danger to be neglected. As the maximum penalty is five years ‘ imprisonment would have been possible.

Judge: nutrition “completely inappropriate”

At the announcement of the verdict, both parents were sobbing. The judge said that the diet of the child had been “completely inappropriate”. “It is the responsibility of all parents to ensure that the diet of your children is balanced and sufficient nutrients to grow properly.” The child is now in the care of Relatives. The birth parents are allowed to visit it on a regular basis.

According to the German society for nutrition, vegan diets in infants, children and adolescents, as well as during pregnancy and lactation is associated with risks, because “due to the high demand of the nutrient density during the growth as well as lower nutrient storage, are at a higher risk for a deficiency, or a nutrient deficiency” existed. Would Pregnant and lactating vegan feed or children vegan-fed and no nutrient supplements or fortified products are used, may take the development and health of children damage.

Sources: DPA; German society for nutrition

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