The women say: as Long as men during Sex by need to keep

The Dating Portal "Saucy Dates" asked 3.836 women and men from five countries (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India,), how long is good Sex, on average, should take.

Thus, women would spend like 25 minutes and 51 seconds in bed, in order to come fully at their expense. For men, the ideal value looks like. Here are estimated to be 25 minutes and 43 seconds, only 8 seconds less. (Also interesting: This error make the most of the men during Sex)

Far away from the ideal value

In fact, the desire for it is value, however, is far above the real value, in terms of the average Sexdauer.

According to "Saucy Dates" men at the age of 31 years seem to be the most efficient, in terms of the bed-Performance. In the US, the gentlemen in this age, the average at least 17 minutes and 5 seconds. Behind it the Canadians end up with smooth 17 minutes, followed by the British (16 minutes and 58 seconds) and the Australians (16 minutes and 34 seconds).

With increasing age, can then you score the Indians. In the age group of 50-Year-old Sex lasts 15 minutes and 15 seconds is still longer than in any other country. (Also interesting: So much Sex is "normal" in your age)

Significant Age Differences

The survey has also shown that the real stamina of the men during Sex depending on the age. Therefore, men between the ages of 28 and 33 years in the bed the longest. At the age of 20 and 33, the average Sexdauer is significantly lower or, respectively, flattens. Whether women have the younger or older they are also less Time consuming, while having Sex, does not resolve the survey. FOCUS Online Out of the jealousy trap: couple’s therapist reveals how to succeed

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