Thousands of new infections in the Lombardy – doubt as to Italian statistics will be louder

How many people in Italy have been infected with the Coronavirus attached? The official Figures of Wednesday evening, according to around 80.500. But there is now doubt. Politicians and representatives of authorities, fear that there are a lot more.

For full faces, made on the afternoon of Thursday, the statements of the President of the Lombardy, Attilio Fontana. His Region was recorded within 24 hours, 2500 new infections. Fontana: “The Numbers are not good.”


Italy quarantined: Wait, this nightmare ends

Increase in Lombardy “something strong”

Actually, you saw in the last few days on a good way in the North of Italy. Especially the curve of the death numbers started to level off gradually at last. Also in the case of the new infections it was partly each, among the values of the previous day. But on Thursday, the bad news: Within a day, it was only in the Lombardy Region of 2500 new infections. The Fontana was: “The number of people Infected has increased in comparison to the last few days a little too much,” he said on Thursday.

For comparison: In the last three days, the number Neuinfizierter was in Lombardy between 750 and just over 1000. Italy-wide were infected in the same period a day, each between 4500 and 5500 new.

Fontana continued: “We will have to assess whether it is the increase of an exceptional fact, which is determined by a special Episode, or whether it is a rising trend, which would be a little uncomfortable.”

"We and Corona"

"A curfew has Nebenwirkungen"

Italy has reached the peak of the epidemic?

The sharp rise in the number could indicate that Italy has slowly reached the peak – scientists had in the past already for the days around the 25. March is predicted. Similarly, Fontana said: “I don’t know if the climax is reached, or whether we have missed something – these reviews I’ll leave that to the experts, but I can only say that I am personally concerned.”

Also Fabrizio Nicastro by the National Institute for astrophysics (INAF) said at the request of the news Agency Ansa, the peak of the Corona wave in Italy was “very close”. In his eyes it is not expected to be a top, but “a kind of Plateau”. The previous case, to be dominated, however, from the North of Italy. Should “explode in another important Region, that is clear, is to increase the curve again,” says Nicastro.

Don Mario, a priest in the small town of Seriate, near Bergamo, speaks of prayers for many Corona-the Dead who were laid out in the Church of his city. In the Background employees in roles already in the next coffin. The Region is particularly heavily affected by the pandemic.

How many people really died at Covid-19?

Meanwhile, grow some of the politicians and representatives of the authorities a doubt: In the North of Italy, some of them responded well to the word, the official infection and death numbers is far too low. As mayor of the city of Nembro near Bergamo, Claudio Cancelli, and one of his Officials, Luca Foresti.

Your city is located in the middle of the Hotspot Zone, where there were already thousands of cases. Officially, only 31 deaths were reported in Nembro so far, but in connection with Covid-19, you wrote on Thursday the newspaper “Corriere della Sera”.

“This number has not convinced us, and that is why we have cases, the nature of the statistics to the average mortality in the community from previous years, in the period from January to March looked at,” wrote the two men. “The number of deaths would be under normal circumstances, approximately 35. This year we have seen 158 (deaths), which is 123 more than the average.” The number 31 could not therefore vote.

In the official statistics, only fatalities are included in hospitals and homes for the elderly

According to the two men, there are similar anomalies in other places of the Region, especially in Cernusco sul Naviglio. There were, therefore, six Times more Deaths than in the official Coronavirus-statistics.

Fear of the second Corona-shaft

Why are the infection numbers in Italy now, really could rise

On Wednesday the mayor of the heavily affected city of Brescia sounded the Alarm that the number of infections and deaths is much higher than officially stated. Many of the Sick were at home, “and we don’t know about you,” said Emilio Del Bono.

Italy has officially reported more than 8,000 Deaths and nearly 80.500 proven infection and is the most difficult of the pandemic-affected country in Europe. In the official statistics refer only to deaths in hospitals and homes for the elderly are included. The well-known Italian virologist Roberto Burioni also keeps the number of Infected is wrong, because Ill not be counted without symptoms.

Sources: “La Repubblica”, Italian-style data center, news agencies, ANSA, AFP

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