Will Hollywood Turn Its Back On Lori Loughlin?

Lori Loughlin’s fate in Hollywood is on the questionable side of life as we speak. With the current scandal hanging over her head, will the enterprise risk be losing trust from the masses? The actress, who has been in a bout of fire lately over her college scandal reek, has already been feeling the negative effects of her actions.   

Hallmark Channel, a series Lori has been on since 2010, has already terminated her services in light of the scandal. The actress has been receiving backlashes from all angles and if you ask why – they’ll tell you that she deserves it!  

Hollywood believes the actions of the actress may pose a threat to their dignity. They are of the fact that the less negative energy being portrayed from their end, the better it would be for them.   

Already, many other celebrities have weighed in on the issue of Loughlin and the others involved like Felicity Huffman. John Lennon noted the school system has always been rigged but when it involves a public figure, it never spells anything good.   

Court Charges

The star who has appeared on numerous films faces the court on multiple felony charges. Hollywood is now on a mission to rid its name of fraudulent characters and activities. Having an image that the globe looks up to should not be damaged by one character.   

Producers will have their drawbacks because of the negative feedback they may receive if they cast her. They wouldn’t want their movies on viewers lips for the wrong reasons!   

Reports stated the actress paid an estimated $500,000 in bribes along with her husband to get their daughters into elite colleges. This bad move has impacted her family greatly as her daughter has lost out on an advertisement deal from Sephora.   

What do we think? Well, it would have been the best had she gone the right way! Loughlin might have just opened the gate to harsher treatment for the elites in society, something most celebrities will never forgive her for!   

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