Woman wearing for years, dead twin in

Indian Doctors have documented a rare case of a miss-developed fetus, which was grown in the body of his twin. In the case of the “Fetus in Fetu” (FIF) well-known syndrome of the cells of a fetus Hiking in the pregnancy to another. While the developed a child is normal, can multiply the stem cells of the other in an uncontrolled manner and form, for example, tissue, limbs or teeth – to be viable, these structures are not.

In the current case, the malformed twin grew more than 17 years in the body of a young woman. Her belly was about five years noticeably swollen and ached. Doctors have a ulcer, the displaced the surrounding organs discovered. A CT Scan was to see that there is both strength as well as hard tissue that resembled bone.

The first case in an adult woman

After surgeons had removed a good 30 centimetres long and 16 centimetres in width, mass, and found that it must be a false-developed twin. You describe the ulcer as a “hairy, cheese-like Material” that contained several teeth, as well as buds, from which in the case of embryos, usually limbs develop.

Statistically, the phenomenon only occurs in one of 500,000 live births. So far, only 200 such cases have been documented. “It is the eighth case that FIF is established in the case of an adult, and for the first Time with a woman,” write the Doctors in the journal “BMJ Case Reports”. For details about the patient, not the Doctors, in order to protect their personality rights. She had, however, consented to the release of their rare Case.

Most of the included fetus is in the stomach of a healthy child and is the cause of early complaints, which is why the deformity in early childhood is established. Boys are significantly more likely to be affected than girls.

Also in the organs, the cells of a twin fetus may be included, for example, in the stomach. An American doctor also reported of a little boy who was actually in surgery due to a brain tumor. In the center of the supposed tumor, Doctors found a small foot and a deformed Hand.

That Affected life for many years, with the vestigial twin in the body of a young woman from India, on the other hand is very rare. Known about the case of an Indian who wore 36 years of a deformed fetus is.

Two years after the procedure the patient well. However, the Doctors could not remove all of the tissue. It is therefore examines each year whether the foreign cells to multiply in your body once again in an uncontrolled manner.